Difference Between SS167-E and SS167-F

Detail Difference Between SS167-E and SS167-F

SS167-E  For Volvo/Renault/MACK Ptt Developer Tool V2.04.87L with Last Acpi+ Update 05/2016 With Free Visfeed Software
SS167-F  For Volvo Premium Tech Tool PTT 2.04.87L DEVELOPMENT With Apci+ Update –LAST Offcial version Support All Trucks

Their difference as follows:

1. Dev2tool (for programming parameters version 2 – older trucks)
2. Developer tool Plus(Acpi+) (for programming parameters version 3 and 4 – newer trucks)
3. Visfeed + Xml Editor
4. Volvo/ IS File Encryptor/Decryptor
5. Volvo Traing Files (Flash, PDF,Video) 3gb

PS : If customer wanna activation CE vichiel, need paid 50 USD activation fee, engineers would activation well as well as another vehicles.

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