Difference Between X431 V 7" and X431 V 8"

X431 V 7" VS X431 V 8"
Comparison between X431 V 7" and X431 V 8":
1. X431 V 8" have bigger screen size, better view.
2. X431 V 8" has bigger Bluetooth adapter with LED indicator.
3. X431 V 8" has higher hardware configuration.

Top8 Reasons to buy X431 V 8" :
1. Dealer Code: 755D
2. No need authorization, no country, and language limitation, the customer can use it directly when receiving the package, much more convenient
3. 2 years Free Update Online! after 2 years  799 USD/year
4. Completely replace X431 V 7inch and have a bigger screen.
5. Support multi-languages: English, German, Japanese, Russian, French, Korea, Arabic, and Spanish
6. Support communicate with a vehicle via Wifi and Bluetooth, Bluetooth distance: 10M(Without Obstacle)
7. Support full system diagnosis and fast running speed, Reasonable PDA design, easy to carry
8. Supports up to 69 car brands about 220 car models from European, USA, and Asian