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[exciting]2015 FVDI newest updating

Dear All Customers, Good news! Exciting News!
FVDI Newest Update to 2015! With USB Software Dongle including!

Number SV59 FVDI VAG For VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda Newest update to V23.0
Number SV60 FVDI For Benz Newest update to V6.4
Number SV61 FVDI For BMW Newest update to V20
Number SV62 FVID For Porsche Newest update to V5.4
Number SV63 FVDI For Opel Newest update to V6.5
Number SV64 FVDI For Peugeot Newest update to V6.3
Number SV65 FVDI For Fiat/Alfa Newest update to V5.6
Number SV66 FVDI For Renault Newest update to V6.2
Number SV67 FVDI For Nissan Newest update to V4.2
Number SV68 FVDI For Toyota Newest update to V7.0
Number SV78 FVDI For Chrysler Newest update to V3.2
Number SV76 FVDI For Ford Newest update to V5.4
Number SV77 FVDI For Volvo Newest update to V2.2
Number SV79 FVDI For Mitsubishi Newest update to V2.2
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FVDI Now newest arrival and in stock, we can arrange shipment for you asap after order reached to us!
Sincerely yours,

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