[new arrival] ECM TITANIUM 1.61 with 18475 Driver

OBD2shop.co.uk new Version ECM TITANIUM 1.61 with 18475 Driver is the new software that allows you to interpret and edit the files stored inside the memory of the Engine Control Unit (ECU) accurately without any difficulty.

Language : Italy, English, Portuguese, Deutsch, Francais,Espanal

ECM TITANIUM allows you to accurately and easily, autonomous and completely safe to interpret the files that are contained inside the motor controller. Through the use of Driver which true "contents" pose for reading the files contained in the control units, you can easily find the data stored in the file maps and the main rev limiter to increase the engine power, or simply the consumer to optimize.

Check more detail information at :http://www.OBD2shop.co.uk/wholesale/OBD2shopcouk-new-version-ecm-titanium-162-with-18475-driver.html