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FGTECH V53 Galletto 2-Master EOBD2

FGTECH V53 Galletto 2-Master EOBD2

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New Version FGTECH Galletto 2 Master EOBD2 V53 newly adds VAG SIMOS PCR 2.1, JTAG BDM etc.It's developed with high-speed USB2 technology,which is the fastest and most secure product on the market.

fgtech galletto 2 v53 system installation.pdf  (1.6M)

fgtech galletto 2 v53 download and technical support, such as: fgtech galletto 2 v53 manual, installation, fgtech galletto 2 v53 does not work, How to solve the problem?

1. Q: fgtech galletto 2 v53 does not work, how to fix?

    A: Firstly, we have to make sure fgtech v53 hard disk is NTFS format, do not use FAT32.

        Make sure every drive letter is NTFS, and better again partition hard disk.

Change the computer time as: 2013.1.1

 2. Intel processor Core=2000Hz – RAM =2.0GB computer configuration
      3. Delete all of the old FGtech software in the computer.
      4. Unload anti-virus software.

2. How to Install Fgtech Galletto 2 V53 on Dell-D630

Important Note: Before install fgtech galletto 2 V53 software on Dell-D630, please make sure backup the important file in the original system. The files on the desktop and “C” drive system will be deleted by following the next installation steps.
Step One: press power key turn on the DELL D630, then press key F2 to enter the BIOS, settings-system-data/time-2013.1.1

Step Two: Open My Computer, open Local disk (D:)

Step Three: download fgtech v53 software at:

Step Four: unpack fgtech v53 software to local disk (D:), then run OneKey Ghost.

Step Five: open OneKey Ghost Y5.0

Step Six: select the Ghost folder under the local disk (D:)

Step Seven: select gtech-V53 file, then click open

Step Eight: click "Yes" button.

Step Nine: OneKey Ghost processing completed. The computer will restart.

Step Ten: Fgtech v53 software is installing.

Step Eleven: Fgtech v53 software finish installation


3. How to Install Fgtech Galletto 2 V53 on Windows XP System

Some users have the problem of fgtech galletto 2 V53 installation on Windows Xp sytem, in the following parts, I will show you how to step-by-step install fgtech galletto 2 V53 on Windows XP system.
Step 1: Insert CD into CD-ROM

Step 2: press on the POWER key turn on the computer

Step 3: press F2 key enter into the BIOS settings.

 Step 4: set the computer date/time to 2013/1/1, save the settings and then restart the computer.

Step 5: press F12 key, the computer enter into setup menu, Start booting from DVD.

Step 6: choose the option a: setup ghost xp3 English on C: drive.

Step 7: the system starts to automatically install as the following shows.

Step 8: after the computer reboots, it will start the driver configuration.

Step 9: the computer reboots.

Step 10: after the system setup succeeds; one dialogue box appears and named "Conver NTFS", the content is "soon restart and convert the system CD into NTFS format?” Click "Yes" to confirm.

Step 11: NTFS conversion is ongoing.

Step 12: change the system language to English(United States) as the following shows.