Nexiq 125032 USB link User Manual and FAQ

nexiq-125032-usb-link-truck-diag-2011-user-manual.pdf  (1.1M)

Nexiq 125032 USB link User Manual and FAQ
Nexiq 125032 USB link FAQ

Q: Can I update this NEXIQ USB link on the official website?
A: No. This one cannot update on the official website. Once the new software comes out, we will release it on our website, then you can choose to update.

Q: Can I use this one to diagnose Cummins truck?
A: Yes. This one has Cummins software inside, you can use this NEXIQ to diagnose Cummins truck.

Q: Does it includes Isuzu IDSS software? I can not install it and meet problems CRC error: the file C:\ Program Files\ IDSS\ images\ 2007icvch\ processed\ fullsize\ fullb606.rra doesnt match the file in the setup’s cab file.
A: Our engineer said you did not follow the instructions or your computer system does not support software

Q: When I open V-MAC III Service diagnostics V2.6.12 it shows "Unable to read value software\ Mack Trucks, Inc\ Common\ Device ID".and then I choose Preferences and then choose 'RP1210A Device name' there is no option of Nexiq USB
A: Pls make sure that the drive is installed. Just install the system patch in the CD ( Like the picture shows)

Q: This item NEXIQ USB LINK cannot do any function, I have tried CUMMINS, DETROIT, AND CATERPILLAR, but no one can support, and also I do not update it, If this product has some broken?
A: Which error it shows when you connect the car?
Q: Nothing, It can not find the device.
A: Have you install the drive software which in the CD?
Q: Yes, I have already installed it.
A:Let’s do remote access to solve the problem.