How to solve the different problems when we meet in fg-tech2 master

 When we use Fg-tech2 master, sometimes we would meet some problems. How can we solve the problems when it happened?
Do not worry, Here are the FAQs maybe can help you.

Q: Where can I find the drive in WIN7 64BIT computer?
A: It is in the software. There is an installation video.

Q: Are the drive the same when I install in different computers?
A: Yes, it is the same. It can be installed successfully as long as it can drive.
Q: When I install it, it shows like that. What shall I do?
FG tech2 master faqs-01
A: Please regenerate it with “HDD Regenerator Shell”. If the problem remains, you need to change the operating system of the computer.
Q: Does it has the function of “tuning Protection” for my car year 2011?
A: It mainly has read and write function. It does not have “tuning function”
Q: The white FGTECH cannot do BDM function?
A: No, it can do. If not, please contact the service to send you the solution to this problem.
Q: Does it support BDM function?
A: Yes, it supportsQ: My car
opel astra G 1.6 16V, after I click “Read File” it indicates “ERRO Reading” like the picture.
FG tech2 master faqs-02
A: Please try it on other cars to check if it works.
Q: When does the hardware of FGTECH can be updated to V54?
A: At 
present, the hardware cannot be updated.
Q: I want to do Boot mode function, but I do not know which cable is k-line.
A: The “pdf user manual” in the CD has instructions.
: When I installed it, I get the ID: Hardware ID: 5EBFE628-B2B0
A: Our product 
does not need to be registered.
: Well, it can only read the data but do not store it. What’s wrong?
A: If it can not do your car, it will read 
the data only. Please try other cars to see if it works.
Q: When I install it, it shows like the pictures, what's the problem?
FG tech2 master faqs-03
A: Please install Dongle drive and insert Dongle

Q: What shall I do when it shows the following?
FG tech2 master faqs-04
FG tech2 master faqs-05
FG tech2 master faqs-06
FG tech2 master faqs-07
A: Please UnZip the attached file”fgt2xx.rat” then find the file fgt2xx. Put the “fgt2xx” to the software. After you have done these steps, please open “eobd2.exe” Then install following the usual steps.
Q: Does it need username and password?
A: No.
Q: It can not find dongle and FGT2XX.dll when it is working. What shall I do?
A: Please unzip the file and put it into the 
fgtehc software.
Q: Does this product can do VW Golf 6 TDi 170Hp EDC17 C46?
A: Maybe it cannot.
Q: How to install the software?
Step 1: Please copy the software on the cd to your computer.
  Step 2: Please connect FGTech with the computer and car.
  Step 3: install successfully the software drive, run
eobd2.exe file.

Those are the FAQS which we maybe meet when using this item, do not worry, all of them has been solved