[knowledge] The Mileage programmers need by garage

OBD2shop.co.uk Tell you some Knowledge about the Mileage programmer :
Planning to open a garage? And wondering what tools necessary to own, I’d like to share with you some suggestion. If you are good at check-engine light-related repair, you need to buy automotive diagnostic tools, fault code scanners; airbag reset tools, etc. If you are also skilled at rolling back the mileage/odometer/ KM, suggest you use the 3 necessary odometer correction tool.according to my personal experience in OBD2shop.co.uk:  tacho pro 2008, digiprog 3 and digimaster 3, In the following parts, I would like to share what I know about their advantages and disadvantages in the following parts.
1)    To get one Tacho Pro 2008
Tacho Pro 2008 is the cheapest, which will help you cut much cost especially when your business is newly-opened. U2008 only can change mileage in the dashboard for the old car.

2)    To get one digiprog3
Compared with tacho pro 2008, Digiprog 3 works with the newer cars which tacho pro 2008 can’t do, and it is available with most languages from European & American. Besides, it can work with a little part of trucks, motorcycles not only cars.
 3)    To get one Digimaster 3
For comparison, Digimaster 3 is most expensive, but it works reliably; besides, it is not only an odometer correction tool, but it can also help decode audio, reset airbag( SRS), program ECU and programming key.
In conclusion, no tool can do all, each tool has its pros and cons. If you want to know which one is the best, my answer is it depends on your need. But as a garage, you’d better own all of the three programmers if their price is not beyond your budget.
Welcome you share more tools necessary when open a garage.