Feedback VVDI MB BGA W204 all Keys Lost and Token

Here are two new customer feedback on xhorse vvdi mb bga tool V2.1.4 on Mercedes w204 w207 all key lost.
vvdi mb bga tool and Mercedes w204 all key lost:
Bought one MB BGA tool software V2.0.8 from this site ( to make key on w204 with all key lost but failed, other models are working fine, I made a refund request on them, and the saler told me to wait for the new update ,because 2.1.0 version is able to read W204 ESL correctly……while after two weeks later they sent me the 2.1.0 software link ,then I orderd 2 tokens(W204 need to buy 2 tokens to read the ESL information), I updated my machine and tested it working fine as advertised. Very happy with this machine.
Tip: W204 all key lost can only be done via vvdi mb software v2.1.0 or higher versions.
vvdi mb tool and Mercedes w207 all key lost:
i have this tool with Condor xc-mini master 1 free token on the machine – 0 paid for tokens. i have w207 with lost keys and when queering password it says i have to buy token; that is, actually i need 2 tokens for all lost keys. then i talked about this issue to xhorse shop. they confirmed this but it’s good that i can get 1 token a day for free, cause i have a condor key cutting machine.
Tip: vvdi mb all key lost needs 2 tokens (condor users can be get 1 free token every day.)