How to use Lonsdor K518ISE/K518S Clone 2020 Ram 2500 Smart Key Programming

2020 Ram 2500 proximity fcc id gq4-76t programming job can be done with Lonsdor K518ISE / K518S and L-JCD patch cord. (For K518S, need to pay extra 2020 Ram 2500 authorization).

Here is the L-JCD patch cord by Lonsdor for Maserati Dodge Key Programming via OBD.

Here we go for the details of Lonsdor 2020 Ram 2500 smart key programming, it is pretty easy job via OBD.

Go to ” Immo & Remote ” -> “Dodge” -> Select from vehicle -> North America -> Ram 2500 -> 2019 – 2020 -> Smart key -> add smart key -> Downloading application ->

It requires “This vehicle requires to use L-JCD patch cord to communicate”, select “OK”

Turn off and turn on warning light, click on “OK”.

Have Vin code, Part No and Key count for 2.

Please make sure there are no other devices near the smart keys.

Configuring system please wait…

After confirmation, complete the following operations within 60 seconds.

Put the smart key (to be added) at the central console, press release the unlock button twice to program.

Finally, job success within 2 mins .


Done ! customer service