Use Xhorse Dolphin XP005 Cut a Citroen CN22 Key

Good day, here share use Xhorse Dolphin XP005 to cut Citroen CN22 key should be installed with M3-B clamp

First you need to prepare an original key & a key blank, Install the original key on M3 clamp beforehand.

Then to go Xhorse app to control, press Vehicle database >> Citroen >> All key blank >> CN22, 5 bitting, 830*370 >> OK >> Decode key >> Continue
Attention: please rotate the key to the position shown as pic.

Then Dolphin XP005 machine starts decoding… When the key decoding is successful, it will tell the bitting codes on screen.

Replace the original key to install new key blank on clamp, press Cutting key >> Continue

Dolphin XP005 machine starts cutting and just wait until the key cutting is completed.

Then take out the key to have a try, it is same as original one, and it does work.


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