V5.0.1 Xhorse iKeycutter CONDOR XC-MINI Master Automatic Key Cutting Machine

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37cm*37cm*48cm     ( Inch: 14.53*14.53*18.85 )
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Product Description

  1. With 100% Original Version,software supports online-update
  2. The mini condor has 7' Capacitive Touch Screen, With Built-in Database, can easily find key information
  3. It is most powerful and competitive auto key cutting machine, Supported multi-languages
  4. We are Authorized Xhorse Dealer. Purchasing from us, you will get 100% genuine Xhorse Device.
  5. OBD2shop.co.uk provide you best price, high quality items and one year warranty with free technique service

Original  Xhorse IKeycutter CONDOR XC-MINI Master Series Automatic Key Cutting Machine

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* Attention please: XC-Mini Condor package do not including instacode item number SS143-B, please can pay 120usd get it.
Condor XC-MINI Driver File Free Download

CONDOR XC-MINI Master Schematic:

CONDOR XC-MINI Master Schematic

Top 10 reasons to get CONDOR XC-MINI:
1. Built-in Database
2. Support Multi-languages: Portuguese, Spanish, French, Germany, Czech, Arabic, Turkish, Dutch, Polish, Bulgarian, Norway, Slovakia, Italian, English, Chinese
(Turkish language will be released in the future)
The way to change language:
Please provide us with the serial number and wait us to authorize the language you want, then you can use the Update Tool to choose the language. 
3. Update Online Lifetime
4. 7' Capacitive Touch Screen
5. 3-Axis Precision Ball Screw Transmission
6. Cross Rail
7. All Aluminum Machine Body
8. Single machine with both Tracer/Cutter
9. Standardly include clamps M1/M2, M3 needs to buy alone
10. Support Sided/Track/Dimple/Tibbe keys (Some Dimple/Tibbe keys need optional clamps)

CONDOR XC-MINI Specifications:
Input Voltage 
Input Frequency  47~63Hz
Consume 200W
Packing Dimensions L450×W450×H350mm
Machine Dimensions L265×W362×H301mm
Display 1024×600
Spindle Speeds 9000rpm
Working Temperature 0~50℃
Humidity 10~90%
Net Weight 18 kg
Gross Weight 22.9 Kg

Xhorse XC-Mini Condor Update information:

XC-Mini Condor Update Steps:
1. Connect iKeycutter CONDOR XC-MINI Master to the PC with a USB cable.
2. Turn on the iKeycutter CONDOR XC-MINI Master.
3. Click "Update online" button to start update.
4. The screen will appear "Updating" prompt.
5. Wait for the update completed. 

XC-Mini Condor Update Note:
1. Do NOT turn off PC or unplug USB cable duing updating. 
2. Data downloading and firmware upgrading may take a while, please be patient.
3. If the update fails, turn off anti-virus software and then try again.

V5.0.1 Condor MINI Update:
Free Download V5.0.1 Condor XC-MINI Update Software
Honda Cycles(India)/activa 3G
Hero(India)/Splendor Minda, TVS(India)/Tata(India)/Ace, Suzuki(India)/Access(New)
HondaCycles(India)/Spark Minda, SuzukiCysles(India)/Access(New), Hero(India)/Splendor Minda
Honda(India)/BRIO, Tata(India)/Vista, TVS(India)/WEGO, Mahindra(India)/Duro,Yamaha (India)/FZ
Add Key: HU162
Fix some bug

Condor Mini 4.0.4 update (2018.3.31)
1. add new screen compatible
2. increase the civilian key holder m4
3. universal key copy: bug fixes
4. India: Honda active database
5. fo21 modified
6. modify the cutting method
7. limit cutting speed
8. modify gm45 to position m2-c 

Condor Mini 4.0.3 software update: (2018.3.31)
1. New screen compatible
2. Modify the cutting method
3. Limit cutting speed
4. Modify GM45 to position M2-C

iKeycutter CONDOR XC-MINI Master  V4.0.2 (2017.11.16)
+ Add universal key decode function
+ Add M2-D function
+ Add motor sensor testing function
* Modify probe/cutter detection
* Fix machine may crash error problem
* Fix HU49 key decode error
* Fix Fix HU66 cutting speed issue

iKeycutter CONDOR XC-MINI Master Newest Update V4.0.1 (2017.06.16)
+Add universal key decode function
+Add M2-D function
+Add motor sensor testing function
*Modify probe/cutter detection 
*Fix machine may crash error problem
*Fix HU49 key decode error
*Fix HU66 cutting speed issue
*Fix BW6 cutting error
*Fix TBE1 cutting error

CONDOR XC-MINI Installation: 
To Install the cutter
1. Put the cutter into the cutter hole and to the top limit position, ensure the section of the cutter and clamp lateral parallel
Xhorse XC Mini Condor Install cutter
To Remove the Cutter
1. Hold the cutter lightly, Turn the CUTTER LOCK SCREW counterclockwise
2. after the cutter loosen, remove it
XC Mini Condor Remove cutter
To Install the Clamp
1. Turn the LOCKING WRENCH counterclockwise on the left side to loosen.
2. Choose the clamp according to the key type, Push the clamp from the right side of the CLAMP CARRIAGE to limit position
3. Turn the LOCKING WRENCH clockwise to tighten the clamp
Xhorse XC Mini Condor Install the Clamp

Customer Feedback for Condor XC-Mini :

1. Cut New GM, Coverlet, HU100, PSA Peugeot, Citroen VAT2 key, XC-MINI makes job easier
2. Do Toyota TOY43 all key lost, save you a lot of time
3. Cut Suzuki, Mazda (key tooth in ignition lock more than door lock) all key lost, simply by enter the key code
4. Do Hyundai, Kia, Peugeot, and Citroen all key lost, directly program keys
5. HU101 works fine, HU92 works fine.
6. HU66 OK, have to do two passes on each side to get the key to work, same with hu100.
7. Fix the problem that other key cutting machines cut domestic Honda key not accurately
8. Clio 2 series with m1 clamp all is ok perfect
9. Panda MJ year 2005 cut key ok
10. Support “Define key tool” in a short time, for example: define 2015 corolla key

How to Use Xhorse XC-Mini Condor:

Note: Check the user manual to get detail operating instruction with pictures.

1. How to Adjust Height Level
1)Enter the Main interface, Click on the Self Test
2)Click on Height Level Adjustment
3)Follow the instructions on the screen, then click on the CONTINUE
4)after the machine has stopped, follow the instructions on the screen till the tips of the probe and the cutter are on the same horizontal level. Then click on CONTINUE. The machine enters the Calibration Process.
5) After the machine has stopped, select the diameter of the current cutter in use, then click on Confirm to finish.

2. How to Calibrate the Clamp
1)Enter the Main interface, Click on Self Test
2)Enter Self Test interface, Click on Clamp Calibration
3)Enter Clamp Calibration, Click on M1 button
4)Follow the steps on the screen, then click on CONTINUE
5)Same methods to M2,M3 Clamp Calibration,do all steps fellow the screen

3. How to do Cutting Calibration
1)Enter the Main interface, Click on Self Test
2)Enter Self Test interface, Click on Cutting Calibration
3)Follow the steps on the screen, then click on CONTINUE, The Cutting Calibration in Process
4)Please use the brush to clean up the clamp cutting spot, the probe and the cutter. then click on CONTINUE, Cutter Calibration Complete.

4. How to use “Key Database”
User need to supply the key code, then can cutting the key.
1) Enter the Main interface, Click on Key Database
2) Choose the Car Brand, Click on Confirm
3) ① Enter the key code ② Click on Confirm
4) Enter the key serial code Click on Confirm
5) The Bitting Code will be found in the database, and it will be shown on the screen,Click on Cut to start.

5. How to use “Key Duplication”?
User need to supply the Car type and Year of the production
1) Enter the Main interface, Click on Key Duplication
2) ①Choose the Car Maker  ②Click on Confirm
3) Choose Car Type, Click on Confirm
4) Choose the Car type and Year of the production, Click on Confirm.
5) Put the original Key in the properly position of the clamp display on the screen, then Click on Decode Key.
6) Verify bit code and modify bit code if needed, Click on Cut to start

6. How to use “Cut by Bitting”?
There are 2 methods to get the key using Cut by Bitting
Method 1: without the origin key using Cut by Bitting
1) Enter the Main interface, Click on Cut by Bitting
2) Choose the Blank Key, Click on Confirm
3) ①Select Key Type  ②Click on Confirm
4) ①Put the Blank Key in the properly position of the clamp display on the screen     ②Enter bitting and verify, then click on Cut to start

Method 2: existing the origin key using Cut by Bitting
1) Choose the Blank Key, Click on Confirm
2) Select Key Type, Click on Confirm
3) Click on Decode Key, the found bitting will display on the screen
4) Verify bitting and modify bitting if needed, Click on Cut to start。

7. How to use “Find Bitting”?
Parts of the car are missing bitting on door lock/trunk lock/ignition lock, enter unknown bitting as "?"
1) Enter the Main interface, Click on Find Bitting
2) ①Select Car Maker            ②Click on Confirm
3) ①Select the Blank Key       ②Click on Confirm
4)  ①Select Key Type             ②Click on Confirm
5)  ①Enter known bitting        ②Enter unknown bitting as "?"      ③Click on Find Bitting Code
6)  Possible key bitting will be listed. Note that system has sorted the codes by the most economical way in order to save blank keys. For example, the bitting under " First key" only needs three blank keys, the bitting under "Second Key" need another three blank keys, then the "third Key"...

8. How to connect the Condor XC-MINI in office:

Connect Condor XC-MINI in office
Guidance pic to show you how to connect the Condor XC-MINI with car ( this package do not contains inverter, you have to buy it separately, and the power of the inverter must above 300W)
Connect XC-MINI Condor in office

CONDOR XC-MINI iKeycutter Picture Display:

Xhorse XC Mini Condor Picture Display

Xhorse XC Mini Condor Picture Display 2

Xhorse XC Mini Condor Picture Display 3

Xhorse XC Mini Condor Picture Display 4

Xhorse XC Mini Condor Picture Display 5

Xhorse XC Mini Condor Picture Display 6

Xhorse XC Mini Condor Picture Display 7

Xhorse XC-Mini Condor Package list:
1pc x 2.5mm Cutter
1pc x 1.5mm Cutter
1pc x 1.0mm Probe
1pc x 2mm Allen wrench
1pc x Power cord(1.5m)(optional)(USA/European/British/Chinese Standard)
1pc x USB Cable(2.0m)
1pc x Brush
1pc x M1 Clamp for Single/Double sided keys
1pc x M2 Clamp for Channel-track keys
1pc x Condor xc-mini key machine body
1pc x Quality certificate
1pc x Product packaging checklist
1pc x User's Manual

Xhorse XC Mini Condor Key Cutting Machine package




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