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Product Description

Launch X431 V+ Diagnostic Tool with HD III Heavy Duty Truck Module is more convenient to diagnose with full comprehensive diagnostic software functions. It supports wireless Bluetooth diagnosis for various truck models.
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Launch X431 V+ Diagnostic Tool with HD III Module for Heavy-Duty Truck

Tips help to choose:
SP184-C  is  X431 V+ with HDIII only work for trucks, cannot work for cars
SP184 is  X431 V+ this machine default is used for Cars, you can buy the HD III Module alone , add on this X431 V+ do both cars and trucks.
SP184+SP293-B is  X431 V+ plus HD III Module can support both cars and trucks.

Part 1. Launch X431 V+ Diagnostic Tool Introduction:

1. Launch X431 V+ Product Profile

X-431 V+ is a new Android-based vehicle trouble diagnostic tool. It is characterized by featuring powerful functions, and providing a precise test result.
Through simple wireless communication between VCI and X-431 V+ tablet, it achieves full truck model and full system vehicle trouble diagnosis, which include Reading DTCs, Clearing DTCs, Reading Data Stream, Actuation Test and Special Functions.
X-431 V+ adopts a higher performance-price ratio tablet computer, which is equipped with Android 7.1 operating system, 1.4GHz quad-core CPU and 10.1” HD display.

There are two product configurations available for X-431 V+.

1) Passenger Vehicle Version

2) Commercial Vehicle version

X-431 V+ is compatible with the following two Heavy-duty VCI modules. For different VCI modules, the communication methods vary.
Below shows how the X-431 V+ system works.
A. HD-II module:

B . HD-III module:

Besides the BT communication, the HD-III VCI module comes loaded with a built-in WLAN module, which can work as a wireless hotspot or a network adaptor.
Below shows how the X-431 V+ system works.

2. Launch X-431 V+ Advantages

1) It is simple for the VCI (Vehicle Communication Interface) to communicate with X-431 V+.
2) X-431 V+ adopts a higher performance-price ratio tablet computer, which is equipped with Android 7.1 operating system, 1.4GHz quad-core CPU and 10.1" HD display.
3) Equipped with an exclusive X-431 V+ protective sleeve to prevent it from being damaged.
4) Comes with lots of adapters and cables, that means X-431 V+ can diagnose the electronic control system of prevailing vehicle models covering Asian, European, American and Chinese.
5) Wireless communication between VCI and X-431 V+ tablet 
6) Full truck model and full system vehicle trouble diagnosis:
Reading DTCs, Clearing DTCs, Reading Data Stream, Actuation Test and Special Functions.

3. Start Diagnostics with X431 V+

For new users, please follow the sequence below to get familiar with and start using the handset.

4. X-431 V+ Technical Parameters

Operating system: Android 7.1
Processor: Quad-core 1.4GHz processor
Battery: 7000mAh rechargeable polymer lithium battery
Memory: 2GB
Storage: 16GB
Screen: 10.1-inch capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels
Camera: Front-facing 2.0MP camera + rear-facing 5.0MP camera
Connectivity: WLAN (802.11b /g/n); BT 4.0
Working temperature: 0 ~ ℃ 45℃
Storage temperature: -20 ~ ℃ 70℃
Size: 264 x 210 x 30 (mm)

Part 2. HD III Heavy Duty Truck Module Introduction:

1. HD III Module Product Profile

The HD III works as a vehicle communication interface device, which is used to read the vehicle data and then send it to the diagnostic tool via BT/WLAN communication or data cable connection.
The LED indicators enable you to easily identify the working status of the HD III.

2. X431 HD3 heavy duty Features:

1. Full comprehensive HD truck diagnostic software functions
2. Wide diagnostic software coverage
3. Accurate test data
4. Release new software version timely to let customers enjoy latest service
5. Able to test truck with 12V or 24V battery diesel engine. When testing 24V truck, battery conversion is not required
6. Diagnostic hardware is designed according to international standard, compatible with diagnostic interfaces of worldwide models
7 . Including wide-range connector and cable
8. Supported brands: Benz, Man, Volvo, Daf, Scania, Iveco, Renault, Freightliner, International, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Stering, Western Star, Mack, Fuso, Isuzu, UD, etc.

3. HD III works with the x431 V+

4. HD III Vehicle Connection

1) The DLC (Data Link Connector) is typically a connector where diagnostic code readers interface with the vehicle's onboard computer. If no DLC is found, please refer to Automobile Repair Manual.
2) Switch the ignition on .
3) For vehicles equipped with OBD II management system, plug one end of the diagnostic cable into the vehicle's DLC, and the other end into the diagnostic socket of the HD device screws, and then tighten the captive.

For vehicles not equipped with OBD II management system,it is necessary to use the corresponding adaptor cable, and then follow one of the methods below to make the connection:

4) To perform vehicle diagnosis via data cable connect the B-shaped terminal of the data cable to the HD III and another end to the data I/O port of the scan tool. 5. Start Diagnostics with X431 HD III Follow the sequence below to start a new diagnostic session. 6. HD III  Technical Parameters CPU: 120MHz Power consumption: ≤3W Working voltage: DC 9 -36V Working temperature: -10 ° C ~ 50 ° C Communication method: USB+ Wi-Fi+ Bluetooth Size: 204 x 110 x 45 (mm) Frequency Range: Bluetooth: 2402-2480 MHz

WiFi (HT20): 2412-2472 MHz
WiFi (HT40): 2422-2462 MHz

Transmit Power:
Bluetooth: 16.62 dBm EIRP
WiFi: 19.29 dBm EIRP

Launch X431 v+ HD3 Applicable models:
China: Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle, FAW Jiefang, China National Heavy Duty Truck, Futian Commercial Vehicle, Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck, Anal, Jianghuai Commercial Vehicle, Hongyan Heavy Duty Truck, Beiben Heavy Duty Truck, Jinlong Bus, Xiamen Golden Passenger truck, Haige Bus, Wuzhou Dragon Bus, Porn, Yutong Bus, etc.
Asia: Hino, Fuso, Isuzu, UD Truck, Hyundai Truck, Ashok, etc.
Americas: Freightliner, IWC, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Sterling, etc.
Europe: Mercedes-Benzcommercial vehicles, Mann, Iveco, Volvo, Renault, Duff, Scania, Kamas and so on.
X431 V+ Software Package list:

No. Software Name
1 X431, USA FORD Diagnostic Software diesel
2 After the X431, heavy card processing system diagnostics software
3 ASTRA diagnostic software
4 Benz heavyduty diagnostic software
5 Bosch diesel diagnostic software
6 BREMACH diagnostic software
7 China heavyduty diagnostic Software
8 Cummins heavyduty diagnostic software
9 DAF diagnostic software
10 ERF diagnostic software
11 FAW Liberation diagnostic software
12 Foton Auman diagnostic software
13 FUSO diagnostic software
14 Hino diagnostic software
15 Hyundai heavyduty diagnostic software
16 Isuzu heavyduty diagnostic software
17 Iveco heavyduty diagnostic software
18 JAC heavyduty diagnostic software
19 Mack heavyduty diagnostic software
20 MAN diagnostic software
21 OBD heavyduty diagnostic software
22 SCANIA diagnostic software
23 Shangchai diagnostic software
24 Volvo heavyduty diagnostic software
25 WP diesel diagnostic software
26 X431, Airbus diagnostic software
27 X431, ALLISON transmission box diagnosis software
28 X431, Ashok Rejlander the diagnostic software
29 X431, Caterpillar heavy vehicles Diagnostic Software
30 X431, Chai heavy vehicle diagnostic software
31 X431, Chaoyang Diesel diagnostic software
32 X431, construction machinery diagnostic software
33 X431, CREDO heavy vehicle diagnostic software
34 X431, DETROIT engine diagnostic software
35 X431, Dongfeng commercial vehicle diagnostic software
36 X-431, Dongfeng Yufeng diagnostic software
37 X431, Freightliner heavy-duty truck diagnostic software
38 X431, full diesel diagnosis software
39 X431, HD ABS system diagnostic software
40 X431, hd_goldendragon diagnostic software
41 X431, hd_international vehicle diagnostic software
42 X431, HD_TATA diagnostic software
43 X431, hd_western_star vehicle diagnostic software
44 X431, heavy truck presentation software
45 X431, heavy vehicles Jiangling diagnostic software
46 X431, IRISBUS heavy vehicle diagnostic software
47 X431, IRIZAR heavy vehicle diagnostic software
48 X431, NEOPLAN heavy vehicle diagnostic software
49 X431, Renault diagnostic software for heavy vehicles
50 X431, SETRA heavy vehicle diagnostic software
51 X431, SITCAR heavy vehicle diagnostic software
52 X431, Stannic bavin diagnostic software
53 X431, Sterling heavy vehicle diagnostic software
54 X431, Sunlong bus ( SUNLONG ) diagnostic software
55 X431, sunwin bus ( SUNWIN ) diagnostic software
56 X431, UD Trucks 2F Nissan Diesel Diagnostic Software
57 X431, Yang Chai engine diagnostic software
58 X431, Zhongtong bus (ZHONGTONG BUS) diagnostic software
59 X431, BONLUCK diagnostic software
60 X431, HD_KENWORTH deagnostic software
61 Yuchai diagnostic software


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