JLR Mangoose SDD V157 for Jaguar and for Land Rover Support till 2015 Year

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Product Description

fully supported by dealer level diagnostics & module programming.
Support Car Model: Jaguar and Land Rover after 2005 till latest 2015
Mangoose JLR interface cable with OEM level diagnostic & module programming for Jaguar & Land Rover
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JLR Mangoose SDD for Jaguar and For Land Rover V157 Newest Version

Top 4 Reasons to Get the JLR Mangoose:
1. Software Version: V157
2. Supported Language: English, German, Russian, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian and Simplified Chinese.
3. Update: By CD
4. Support Car Model: Jaguar and Land Rover after 2005 till latest 2015
5. Operating System: Win7 (32Bit) 

JLR Mangoose SDD Description:
Mangoose is a low-cost, high-performance vehicle network interface that connects a laptop directly to the Bus Network via the OBD-II connector. Drew Technologies designed this product to be affordable for Professional Technicians, CarPCs, the aftermarket, and automotive enthusiasts.

Please Kindly Notice:
JLR version after V137 do not support offline programming, you can do the online programming
Installation CD with device driver (J2534 compatible)
The Mangoose JLR includes a J2534 driver and delivers full-speed (12mps) USB 2.0 performance. This version is compatible with late model J2534 compliant for Jaguar & Land Rover models. This includes 2005 & Up for Jaguar and 2005 & up Land Rover, requires a subscription to IDS version 125 & up.
Key Features of the Mangoose JLR for Jaguar & for Land Rover
J2534 and J2534-1 compliant device driver
Commercial Range (0 to +70℃)
Dimensions: 3" x 1.75"
Operating Voltage: Bus-powered by USB
Host Interface: Full-speed 12 mbps USB 2.0 with J2534 device driver
Lost cost, high performance pass-thru diagnostic tool for use with PC
USB Diagnostics tool for CAN and ISO9141 vehicles
Supports reprogramming for Jaguar 2005& up, For Land Rover 2005 & up.
Simple packaging with electronics contained inside the cable.
Bus Protocols Supported By the Mangoose JLR for Jaguar & for Land Rover
CAN Bus (details published soon)
More details published soon
Diagnostics with the Mangoose JLR for Jaguar & for Land Rover
The Mangoose JLR is a USB pass-thru device that utilizes the SAE J2534-1 API. What this means is that the Mangoose JLR uses a standard communications interface to the vehicle, allowing it to work with 3rd party diagnostic applications. Different diagnostics and data logging applications supported are currently supported by the Mangoose, with more being added all of the time.   NEW!  For Jaguar /for Land Rover are now supported for dealer level diagnostics & module programming using their software (available here) and the Mangoose JLR. This includes 2005 & Up for Jaguar and 2005 & up for Land Rover,and requires a subscription to IDS version 125 & up. 
JLR Mangoose SDD FAQs:
Q: Which year for Jaguar car can this cable do?
A: This JLR MAGNOOSE can only do for Jaguar car after 2005 year, can not do before 2005.
Q: Can your SP116 JLR Mangoose work with ford VCM(SP10-T) in same pc?
A: No,it can not.And JLR software must be installed on C disk.
Q:Hello,I buy a SP116 JLR MANGOOSE from you,but it can not do 2012 for RANG ROVER EVOQUE ,no response,can't it do 2012 car?
A:No,it can not do.
Q:Can it program for land rover car?
A:It can do part of it,after 2005.
Q:I want to update it to Mongoose Pro.
A:Sorry,we cannot provide this.
JLR Mangoose SDD Package List:
1pc x JLR cable
1pc x CD

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Tech Support

Let’s start with my car models and issues: I have Jaguar XK / XKR ( X150 ), my passenger seat will back will not sit up correctly. It appears to only travel about 1/3 of the driver, leaving the seat and passenger leaning back very far.
I loath having to go there and have not found any indy in my area that has the diagnostic tools.
Then is solution:
If you have a spare laptop, you can get set up yourself for as little as 50GBP
I have had my Mangoose SDD (Chinese clone of a Mongoose) for 5 or 6 years and have been able to do most things dealers do, including updating firmware in various modules.
As you can see from the attached screen shot the seat calibration routines are in one of the menus done through SDD.


As you can see from the above I mentioned, the cable should come with a copy of SDD (Jaguar supplied diagnostic software). You may or may not be able to read the CD the software comes on and it may or may not work fully! SDD V131 seems to be the sweet spot for functionality and least issues and there may be a link to a copy in that thread somewhere.
You can buy the cable plus a complete image of a virtual PC from a few suppliers which means you don’t have the hassle of installing the diagnostic software yourself. I have not had many problems myself but some people have wasted days trying to get theirs working. Once you have it working though it is an invaluable tool and will pay for itself over and over again.
If you use it to update firmware you must make sure you have a decent (at least) 25 amp power supply connected to the battery otherwise you run the risk of bricking modules.

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