Xhorse Micronas OBD TOOL (CDC32XX) V1.8.2 for Volkswagen

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14.5cm*4.5cm*2cm     ( Inch: 5.69*1.77*0.79 )
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Product Description

  1. Micronas OBD Tool (CDC32XX) programmer for Volkswagen and Skoda cars from year 2006.06 by OBDII diagnostic. VAG Micronas CDC32xx programmer supports odometer correction, EEPROM read/write, it is a multi-function and reasonable obd2 product.
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Micronas OBD TOOL (CDC32XX) V1.8.2 for Volkswagen

Language: English; Spanish; Chinese
1. Update By Email 
2. It can do mileage correction for VW cars (after 2006.06) by obd2.
3. It can read pin code for VW cars (after 2006.06) by obd2.
4. It can do EEPROM read/write for VW cars (after 2006.06) by obd2.
Add NEC24c32 & NEC24c64 algos (some algos for Amarok)
Fix bug of km correction on A4/Q5
Add 95320 immo function.
Require firmware V2.0.5 or above
Please update firmware to V2.0.5 before use
Update Version: V1.7.9
Add for Passat B7 Color TFT Dash immo and key function support.
(Free for customers who have NEC24C64 authorization)
Update Version: V1.7.4
Fix bug of change km on A3/TT.
Update Version: V1.7.3
Fix bug of change km on A4.
Fix bug of communication with car.
Update Version: V1.6.9
Add algo for NEC24c64
Update Version: V1.6.8
Add Change Immo State function for RB8.
Fix a problem of change km on A3/TT.
Supported Cars:
For Golf, for Golf+ from year 2007 (with MICRONAS CDC3272 or CDC3217/97 and 24C32 EEPROM):
Odometer correction, PIN code read, EEPROM read/write
For Passat B6 from year 2007 (with MICRONAS CDC3272 or CDC3217/97 and 24C32 EEPROM):
EEPROM read/write
Bora, Jetta from year 2007 (with MICRONAS CDC3272 or CDC3217/97 and 24C32 EEPROM): 
Odometer correction, PIN code read, EEPROM read/write
Touran from year 2007 (with MICRONAS CDC3272 or CDC3217/97 and 24C32 EEPROM): 
Odometer correction, PIN code read, EEPROM read/write
Caddy   from year 2007 (with MICRONAS CDC3272 or CDC3217/97 and 24C32 EEPROM): 
Odometer correction, PIN code read, EEPROM read/write
Tiguan, Eos from year 2008+:
Odometer correction, PIN code read, EEPROM read/write
Octavia (with MICRONAS CDC3272 or CDC3217/97 and 24C32 EEPROM): 
Odometer correction, PIN code read, EEPROM
Test Environment Display:

1. Read KM

2. Write KM


Package includes:
1pc x Micronas OBD TOOL (CDC32XX) V1.5.4 For Volkswagen Cable
1pc x CD Driver

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Tech Support

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