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EUCLEIA TabScan S8 Automotive Intelligent Dual-mode Diagnostic System Support Phone App ( EOBD-service function)

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Product Description

TabScan S8 is an innovative high-end diagnostic scanner which strict IP65 industrial design to enhance the stability. Combined the third-party diagnostic device,J2534 and PDU programming tools which achieved the multi-purpose, multi-connected, powerful dual-mode vehicle diagnosis.

EUCLEIA TabScan S8 Automotive Diagnostic Tool Top one diagnostic tablet with multi-Purpose

Update: Free Update 18 months, after 18months cost 350SUD for 18 month
EUCLEIA TabScan S8 Upgrade Notice August 1 to 31, 2019

EucLeia TabScan S8 Description:

TabScan S8 is an innovative high-end diagnostic scanner which strict IP65 industrial design to enhance the stability. Combined the third-party diagnostic device,J2534 and PDU programming tools which achieved the multi-purpose, multi-connected, powerful dual-mode vehicle diagnosis.

EucLeia TabScan S8-01
EucLeia TabScan S8-02

TabScan S8 Features and Functions:

1. Dual-mode diagnosis with multi-purpose
Intelligent Dual-mode diagnosis combined advantages between comprehensive diagnostic scanners and original manufacturer diagnosis, with wiScan APP supporting, could be used by phone in EOBD+ maintenance.

2. Extreme experience
With equipped with Android 6.0 and EUUI3.0 system, it ensure the fastest running experience and more than 3 years normal operation.

3. Combined more diagnostic modes, get more accurate solutions for workshops

Mode One: Universal Diagnosis
Diagnosis function: Read and clear DTC, live data, active test, ECU information, freeze frame etc.
Service function: ABS Bleeding, EPB Reset, Service Reset, CKP Learning, Throttle Reset, SAS Reset, Battery Reset, CVT Reset, TPMS, etc.
Coding function: Brush hiding functions (VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat and constantly adding)    
System function: The system also includes the most recent auto-VIN technology that identifies vehicles with one touch and exclusive auto-scan function. One-click clear DTCs, one-click update, data record and replay, workshop manager, database query, repair video research, vehicle data manager, etc.
TabScan S8 Universal Diagnosis

Mode Two: Original Manufacturer Diagnosis
Numerous brands, accurate diagnosis, coding, on-line programming, date searching etc.
TabScan S8 Original Manufacturer Diagnosis

4. Powerful Performance
• Top one hardware equipped: 1.8GHz quad-core, 4GB RAM , 32GB onboard memory, 8 " IPS touch screen , 1280x800 pixels, 7600mAh Lithium-polymer.
• Rk3288 tablet solution: Faster Booting in 10 Seconds, Loading Apps Without Delaying.
• More Reliable Hardware: 1 million RMB invest, million times deeper test, strict IP65 design

5. International Ip65 Tri-Proof Industrial Design
• More than 30 screws to achieve the resistance.
• Adopted Large number of reinforcement design in the machine and 15% lead material to meet best structure performance.
• 4 different process in a simple scaffold to enhance performance
• Adopted stainless steel and plating design in screws to reach salt and fog proofing in case of rust.

6. Intelligent Systematic Functions
• Boot Guidance
• One-key upgrade/system scan/DTC clear/screenshoot
• Data stream display
• Intelligent Record and feedback data
• Auto Vin tech
• DTC online search
• PCBU code searching
• Remote assistance

tabscan s8 Intelligent Systematic Functions-1 tabscan s8 Intelligent Systematic Functions-2

7. Full models and systematic functions
• ECU information, read/clear DTC, data stream, action test; freeze frame

8. Including 13 kinds Service functions
Oil Service, EPB Reset,Throttle Reset,SAS Reset,Immo, DPF, Window Initialization,TPMS,ABS Bleeding,SRS Reset,Gear Learning, CVT Reset, RCMM

TabScan S8 Vehicle Coverage:

The detail function list please check here.

Region Models Edition Date
EOBD Eobd V2.20 2018/4/11
Asia Daewoo V3.01 2018/4/11
Daihatsu V2.05 2018/4/11
Hyundai V3.22 2018/5/7
Hyundai CV V3.01 2018/4/11
Infiniti V3.50 2018/5/3
Isuzu V3.01 2018/4/11
Kia V3.22 2018/5/7
Lexus V2.90 2018/6/21
Mazda V3.40 2018/5/30
Mitsubishi V2.80 2018/6/21
Nissan V3.50 2018/5/3
NissanGTR V3.50 2018/5/3
Scion V2.90 2018/6/21
Ssangyong V3.01 2018/4/11
Subaru V2.04 2018/4/11
Suzuki V2.82 2018/5/23
Toyota V2.90 2018/6/21
FordAustralia V3.40 2018/5/30
Europe Bmw V3.03 2018/4/11
Citroen V3.10 2018/6/21
Dacia V2.11 2018/4/11
Fiat V3.12 2018/5/23
Honda V2.70 2018/4/11
Jaguar V3.10 2018/4/11
Lancia V3.11 2018/4/11
LandRover V3.10 2018/4/11
Mini V3.03 2018/4/11
Opel V3.11 2018/4/11
Perodua V3.00 2018/4/11
Peugeot V3.10 2018/6/21
Porsche V3.50 2018/5/3
Proton V3.00 2018/4/11
Renault V2.30 2018/7/4
Seat V3.70 2018/6/21
Skoda V3.70 2018/6/21
Smart V2.50 2018/4/11
Sprinter V2.50 2018/4/11
Vauxhall V3.11 2018/4/11
Volvo V3.00 2018/4/11
VW V3.70 2018/6/21
VW CV V3.70 2018/6/21
Abarth V3.12 2018/5/23
Acura V2.70 2018/4/11
Alfa V3.11 2018/4/11
Audi V3.70 2018/6/21
Benz V2.30 2018/4/11
America Chrysler V3.30 2018/5/23
Dodge V3.30 2018/5/23
Ford V3.40 2018/5/30
Gm V3.00 2018/4/11
Jeep V3.30 2018/5/23
China DFXK V2.60 2018/4/11
BAICMotor V5.10 2018/5/23
Foton V2.50 2018/6/21
BaicHs V2.41 2018/4/11
BAICSenova V2.61 2018/4/11
Borgward V2.10 2018/6/12
BYD V2.50 2018/7/4
ChangAn V2.70 2018/5/30
Chery V2.60 2018/5/23
Chery_NE V2.30 2018/4/11
DFFG V2.62 2018/4/11
Emgrand V3.00 2018/5/23
EngLon V2.40 2018/4/11
Geely V2.40 2018/5/23
Gleagle V2.30 2018/4/11
Greatwall V2.75 2018/6/12
Hafei V2.41 2018/4/11
Brilliance V2.60 2018/6/21
JAC V2.31 2018/5/15
Karry V2.20 2018/4/11
LIFAN V2.41 2018/4/12
MAPLE V2.30 2018/4/11
Saicmg V3.10 2018/6/21
Rely V2.30 2018/4/11
Riich V2.30 2018/4/11
Saicmaxus V2.20 2018/5/30
SGMW V3.41 2018/5/7
SMA V2.41 2018/5/15
ChangheSuzuki V2.40 2018/5/3
ZOTYE V2.25 2018/5/30
TJFAW V2.50 2018/5/23
India Tata V3.10 2018/4/24
Mahindra V3.20 2018/4/11
Maruti V2.21 2018/6/20

TabScan S8 Main Unit display:


TabScan S8 Hardware Featrues:

Rk3288 tablet solution: Cortex-A17 1.8GHz CPU ,Faster Booting in 10 Seconds, Fast Loading Apps Without Delay, Webpage Speedy Loading
Extending J2534: More PDU  protocols and access were added,support programing voltage .
Unique patent: Intelligent searching patent, tenfold faster than normal diagnosis.
Humanity button: Real-time voltage and connection dispaly, one-click reading VIN code.   
Convenient application: Provide PCBU  Query, remote assistance, workshop management and other convenient  service.
Easier assistance: Feedbacks automatically send to server which makes service more easier.

EucLeia TabScan S8 Specification:

CPU 1.8GHz quad-core
External Storage Support 32GB,up to 64GB
Battery 7600mAh lithium battery
Screen 8-inch capacitive HD 1280x800pixels
Operation System Android
Interface micro USB 2.0,HDMI,RJ45
Bluetooth Bluetooth V4.0(Bluetooth low energy)
Connectivity Bluetooth
Charging Method Desktop charger and car charger
Diagnostic Connector 7 connectors
Product Size 265mm*175mm*27.5mm
Processor  ARM 32bit Cortex M3
Flash 512KB
Support OS Windows XP, win7, win8, win10
Communication Connector DB15
Wired Connection USB Type-B,USB 2.0
Wireless Connection Bluetooth3.0/4.0
Connectivity Bluetooth / Connect computer using USB cable
Standards * Compatible SAE-J2534-1&SAE-J2534-2
* Online ECU diagnosis, can be used as original manufacturer diagnostic tool
* Support the third party and original manufacturer diagnostic program
Protocols Compatible SAE-J2534-1&SAE-J2534-2
ISO-9141 K-Line
ISO-14230 K-Line
ISO-15765 K-Line
SAE-J1850-VPW(GM Class2)
SAE-J2411 Single Wire CAN(GMLAN)
SAE-J2610 SCI(Chrysler)
VAG KW81(SAE J2818)

Compare table between Eucleia S7C and S8:
Model TabScan S7C TabScan S8
Picture    tabscan s7c                Eucleia S8
Touchscreen 7"1024x600 LCD Capative 8"1280x800 IPS Super TFT
CPU 1.3 GHz ARM Cortex-A7 1.8 GHz ARM Cortex-A7
OS Android 4.4.2+EUUI2.11 Android 6.0.1+EUUI3.0
ROM 16GB 32GB on-board memory
Battery Capacity 3800mAh Lithium-polymer 7600mAh Lithium-polymer
Camera (Rear)   8.0 Megapixel AF with Flashlight
Connectors   7
Oilscope   selective
Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n)2.4&5GHZ (802.11a/b/g/n)2.4&5GHZ
VCI Connectivity OBDII cable/USB2.0/WLAN BT/USB2.0/WLAN/RJ45/HDMI/Type-C
Wireless VCI wiScan T6
Full systematic diagnosis
Action Test 13
Service Functions 21
wiScan APP(EOBD+Maintenance)
Live Voltage
Live Connection
Auto Vin Technology
One-key Update
Function Windows Switch
Remote Assistance  

TabScan s8 Package list:

1pc x TabScan s8
1pc x wiScan T6
1pc x Main Cable
1pc x God Cup Chery changan Fiat3
1pc x Nissan14
1pc x KIA20
1pc x Honda3
1pc x Toyota17
1pc x BMW20
1pc x Mazda17
1pc x BMW Eengineer Test Main Cable
1pc x USB connector cable
1pc x Dual USB charger
1pc x AC/DC adapter
1pc x Warranty card
1pc x User manual
1pc x fitting box

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