USB V-CAN3 Automotive CAN Network Test Equipment Supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8/X/10 and Linux

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Product Description

USB V-CAN3 is a convenient tool for connecting PC and CAN network with high performance and high quality, it is used for the development of automobile ECU and automobile inspection products, the modification and testing of automobiles.

USB V-CAN3 Automotive CAN Network Test Equipment

Product Introduction:
USB V-CAN3 is a convenient tool for connecting PC and CAN network with high performance and high quality. It is fully isolated from the PC and includes certified drivers for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, X, 10 and Linux. Moreover, USB V-CAN 3’s isolation layer is self-powered from USB, which does NOT need external power for the CAN transceiver.

USB V-CAN3 is used for the development of automobile ECU and automobile inspection products, the modification, and testing of automobiles, which makes it a perfect choice for automobile OEMs, automobile parts companies, and R&D and production companies of automotive diagnostic products.

Product Features:
1. High Quality
ValueCAN3 is a high-quality CAN tool. ValueCAN3 is completely isolated from the PC and can be used to work under Windows XP and newer Windows drivers. The isolated physical layer of the ValueCAN3 is powered via USB, so no external power supply is required for CAN transceiver operation.
The isolation of the ValueCAN3 is uncommon on low-cost interfaces, the isolation design protects the PC and its communications from ground or noise, and the robust electrical characteristics withstand harsh environments, including residual and transient voltages. The pin definitions marked on the housing make it easier for the users to wire.
2. High Performance
With the ValueCAN3 it is possible to run the network at a high load rate of 1 Mbit per second. The Value Can3 operates on high-speed CAN networks, including 100% utilization at 1Mbit baud rate on both channels, thanks to a 1Mb buffer on the device.
3. Real-time Running
ValueCAN3 supports loading scripts created by Vehicle Spy Professional, which run in real-time with microsecond precision, which can be controlled or monitored by a PC application.

usb v-can3 features
Product Functions:
J1939, OBD2 on CAN, Keyword Protocol over CAN, UDS diagnostics, DeviceNet, and CANOpen are all compatible with USB V-CAN3. OBD 16 PIN cables for J1939 and automotive diagnostics on CAN.
The USB V-CAN3 supports some J2534 protocols and can be used with J2534 software such as PCM FLASH and Forscan which have been tested to work with USB V-CAN3 devices.

usb v-can3 software display 01

usb v-can3 software display 02

Product Specifications:
ISO11898 dual wire CAN Physical Layer (TJA1040x2) compatible with Device Net and CAN open
J2534 Compliant for CAN and ISO15765
RP1210 Compliant for CAN and J1939
CCP protocol hardware acceleration
Supports listen-only operations
Double-buffered CAN transmission
Industry-standard 9-pin D-sub connector pinout
Integrated 1 meter USB cable
Transient and reverse battery protected
Green and red LEDs indicate transmission or reception of USB data
LED indicates transceiver power
Operating temperature range: -40° C to +70°C
Fully USB-powered with an option for external power
Input from 9-26V DC; compatible with 24V industrial systems
Isolated transceiver side
Power Consumption: 15mA @ 14.4 VDC (typical); 100mA @ 14.4 VDC (maximum during bus
Onboard Processing: 40 MIPS RISC-based design
64-bit time stamping to an accuracy of 0.5 microseconds for one channel or 5 microseconds for two channels; timestamp never overflows
Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8.X / 10 and Linux drivers
Field-upgradeable flash firmware
Vehicle Spy included for baud rate setup
Graphical Bit Timing Tool
Supports 2-way CAN acquisition simultaneously

Package Includes:
1pc x USB V-CAN3

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