[New Arrival] Adblueobd2 Euro6 for Scania Truck Emulator

Adblueobd2 Euro6 for Scania Truck Emulator New Arrival

Item Number: SH85
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Emulator Scania Euro 6 not need to be leaming
You have to mount emulator in the plug of the EEC(AdBlue)ECU(in the pink one),Yon can find EEC ecu ta the center of the vehicle frame.Two big plugs(one is pink)
in this manual you will find pin mumber of the EEC plug,also colours cables of EEC and Emulator.
Connect wires of the emulator with this table as reference:
Red(Vcc)-PIN 12 (green) Cut the cable after connect emulator to truck side
Black (GND)-PIN 4 (fat black)
Yellow (CAN H)-PIN 22 (orange)
Green (CAN l)-PIN 19 (fat black)

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