[New Arrival] SP299 Original G-Scan 2 The Best Scan Tool Support Both Cars&Trucks

Original G-Scan 2 The Best Scan Tool Support Both Cars&Trucks New Arrival

Item Number : SP299
Price: 1640 GBP

Support both Cars&Trucks
G-Scan 2 Update Online Free for One Year, After One Year, Cost 350usd/Year.

The G-Scan 2 user interface is clean, easy to use, and very comprehensive.  It provides large icons on a much larger screen to tap with the built in stylus. This is a big improvement over G-Scan in that I can peck away at that screen with my fingers without fear of hitting the wrong icons.  Additionally, for those of us who wish to use buttons, there are a complete set of navigation and function buttons on the face of the G-Scan 2 giving the tech a choice of how they wish to interface with the unit.  The unit is just big enough to be able to manipulate the touchscreen with your fingers, but no so big that you need a dedicated cart to move it around.  The screen is easily readable in direct sunlight and is a much bigger 7” compared to its little brother the G Scan.  Its size means you can actually sit inside a car with the head unit and not have to lift it over the steering wheel or sweep it awkwardly to the side to use it.  Unlike some of the other popular tablet units which require a lot of room to move. The next thing you notice after the improved size of the screen and user interface is the incredible speed!  

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