[Update Notice] SV86 VVDI2 newest Update to V1.1.0; SK185 VVDI BAG Newest Update to V2.0.3

SV86 Xhorse VVDI2 Newest Update to V1.1.0

VAG V1.1.0
1. Fix bug for read BCM2 bug with BDM programmer
2. Fix bug for change KM with old A6 (CAN protocol)
3. Bugfix
Porsche V1.0.2
1. Fix bug for porsche key learn
Transponder Programmer V1.1.0
1. Add auto antenna gain, no more set manually
2. Bugfix
SK185 Xhorse VVDI BAG Newest Update to V2.0.3

Password Calculation: Read EIS under OBD mode will check car power automatically. Avoid lost data in EIS

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