(Guide) XTUNER-X500 X500+ Software: install, active, download

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(Ship from UK) Latest V4.0 XTUNER X500+ X-500+ Bluetooth Diagnostic Tool with Special Function works on Android Phone/Pad

(Ship from UK) Latest V4.0 XTUNER X500+ X-500+ Bluetooth Diagnostic Tool with Special Function works on Android Phone/Pad

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XTUNER X500 is a comprehensive and professional equipment which includes reset, coding, matching and programming. Software supporting OBD-II, I/M Readiness, ABS diagnosis, OIL reset, TPS reset, EPB, ABS bleeding, SAS reset, Injector code, DPF, TPMS, Battery reset and etc.
XTUNER-X500 X500+ Software: install, active, download

Here is the guide of XTUNER X500 software installation, activation and download. Keep reading to find out more.

Operating environment requirements:
Hardware Evironment: Cellphone or PAD with Bluetooth. Space disk can’t be less than 1G, and RAM can’t be less than 512M.
Communication port: Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
Software Evironment: Android 4.4 to 6.0

1. XTUNER-X500 Software Installation

Step 1. Client Downloading
Access the website: http://www.tdintel.com/support, and download “X500 Client.apk”
Step 2. Client Setup: Run “X500 Client.apk”

X500 Client.apk display-1

Step 3. click “Install”

X500 Client.apk display-2

Please wait...

X500 Client.apk display-3

Installed successfully!!

2. XTUNER-X500 Software Activation

At first, please keep network working. Run X500 APP, then click “App Store” to get applications.
XTUNER-X500 Software Activation-1

Please wait…
XTUNER-X500 Software Activation-2

Please click “APP Store”.

XTUNER-X500 Software Activation-3

Please input the S/N number and password getting from the envelope, and then click “Login”.

XTUNER-X500 Software Activation-4

XTUNER-X500 Software Activation-5

Please click “Login”.
XTUNER-X500 Software Activation-6

XTUNER-X500 Software Activation-7

If the product is not activated, please click “Yes”.
XTUNER-X500 Software Activation-8

Please input your information, the Email address and country are required, and then click “Activate”.

XTUNER-X500 Software Activation-9

Your email address must be real in order to get the activation link and the further better service from the manufacturer. The software update reminder and the new product release information will be sent to your mailbox.
If you do not receive the activation email, please add "service@tdintel.com" to the white list of your mailbox and try the activation process again.
Country\Region : please choice your country\region in the list.

XTUNER-X500 Software Activation-10

Please click the link to get the confirmation from the manufacturer.

XTUNER-X500 Software Activation-11

2. XTUNER-X500 Software Downloads

After the activation, please login the “APP Store” again, and get the APPs upgrade.

XTUNER-X500 Software Downloads-1

Please, click “Login” to download the software.

XTUNER-X500 Software Downloads-2

XTUNER-X500 Software Downloads-3

There are two modes for downloading, one by one and one-click. It may take a long time to download all the software, due to customers’ network speed reason.

More XTUNER-X500 X500+ Scanner info please refer to the User Manual and XTUNER X500 instruction