Key Cutting Machine Special offer


SL252 XC-007 Key Cutting Machine  2099 EUR Free Shipping By DHL

Choose XC-007 Key Cutting Machine 3 TOP reasons:

1. Free Shipping By DHL 
2. 8 top highlights
3. CONDOR XC-007 Support 57 Vehicles 

SL257 Automated V8/X6  984.64 EUR Free Shipping By DHL
Choose Automated V8/X6 5 TOP Reasons:
1. Free Shipping By DHL
2. The price for X6 less than 10% of Silca brand, but the function is much better than slica's.
3. X6 with lightweight and portable, battery-powered DC electrical impulse is very suitable to go out to work. It can be work in your car.
4. X6 has a potentially big market as the latest Automatic key cutting machine. 
5. X6 can make a new key without original keys, and do both external milling and vertical milling. It can be made almost all kinds of keys with only one machine!

SL260  Korea MIRACLE-A7 Key Cutting Machine 1057 EUR Special Offer

Including 15 kinds of Function and features