[New Arrival] AUZONE AT60 TPMS 433MHZ/315MHZ Diagnostic Service Tool

AUZONE AT60 TPMS 433MHZ/315MHZ Diagnostic Service Tool

2 products:

1) AUZONE AT60 TPMS Diagnostic Service Tool With Pro - Sensor 4PCS

2) AUZONE AT60 TPMS Diagnostic Service Tool

AUZONE AT60 Features:

1.Activation of various types of sensors and visual display of tire temperature, pressure, power and other information
2.Multilingual support and switching to suit your needs
3.Multiple ID generation modes: Manual copy, auto copy, and auto generation
4.USB upgrade services for extended support of more updated models
5.A variety of special functions to meet individual customer needs
6.Multi-sensor programming: Meets the customer's heavy demand for a certain car sensor within a short period of time, significantly improving work efficiency
7.Vehicle programming: Four tire sensors can be programmed at once, simplifying operations
8.Sensor reading: Sensor information can be read quickly and accurately
9.ID modification: The ID can be quickly modified without the need for reprogramming
10.Modification of sensor location: Tools to help modify sensor location on tires, eradicating the hassle of re-disassembly.

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