Autel MK808 Reset Audi Q5 ABS Traction Warning Light

Here share Audi Q5 ABS Traction Warning Light Reset via AUTEL MaxiCOM MK808

Detail steps:
connecting the car with Autel MK808 scanner by OBD

Enter into Diagnostics >> Audi >> System selection >> Control unit >> Brakes 1 >> Trouble codes

There are 2 fault codes: 00290 and 00473. I knew that’s not problems with ABS sensor. What I did is putting a new ABS sensor in, but it still got the warning light and trouble codes.
So I will click on the button to clear all trouble codes.

Clear DTC >> Yes >> Yes >> OK

It tells “No fault codes detected”, but the warning light is still there. That is because it’s causing the back out of ABS system on the tool itself,
once I’m out of the ABS system, it will turn the lights off.

Now I will exit, as you seen, the warning light has gone.

Autel MK808 OBD2 Scanner is a fantastic tool in fact, covers all of the system diagnosis. So this is how to reset ABS traction warning light for a Audi Q5.

Done !
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