BDM100 PROGRAMMER Technical Support

bdm100-programmer-user-manual.pdf  (12.3M)




First of all please ensure the system has the needed requirements. The first time you need to install the protection


key driver. To do this please introduce the protection key in a USB connector and wait for the automatic recognition of the device, then remove the key, wait a few seconds and reintroduce it. Now put the CD in the drive and wait for the automatic start of the setup program.  If the installation program doesn’t start automatically, it should be activated


via Computer Management.  It is recommended to take sight of the informative notes and of the license that the installation program asks to accept.



1.Ensure that the antivirus software is closed before installing the device software

Antivirus software will consider autoboss v30 software as a virus ,which is a mistake because the autoboss v30 software have a application file in it. So, before installing the device software ,please turn off the antivirus software,so that the installing process will continue.Our auroboss v30 software is absolutely safe!


If you forget this and the software data is destroyed or lost , do not worry, please contact us and we will send you a new CD or the software by internet.


2. Windows XP is the required computer operation system


Please ensure that you install and run autoboss v30 software under windows XP, or else the device software and program will be destroyed and can not work.