Guidence Unlock BMW Comfort Access/Smart Key: Xhorse VVDI2 or Key Tool Max?

Is it possible to unlock BMW comfort access/smart key by Xhorse VVDI2 or VVDI Key Tool Max? If yes, how to do?

Actually, both these two Xhorse tools support the function.

For example By Xhorse Key Tool Max

VVDI Key Tool Max supports remote renew for some BMW models. The free remote generate cable is required to work with it.

BMW models supported:

5WK49125 E Series 868MHz Remote

5WK49127 E Series 315MHz Remote

5WK49145 E Series 868MHz Smartkey

5WK49147 E Series 315MHz Smartkey

5WK49661 F Series 868MHz Continental

5WK49663 F Series 315MHz Continental

5WK49662 F Series 434MHz Continental

HUF5661 F Series 868MHz Huf

HUF5662 F Series 315MHz Huf

HUF5663 F Series 434MHz Huf

Huf- F Series 868MHz

Huf- F Series 434MHz

HUF5767 F Series 434MHz Hu


For more models, you can check from the Key Tool Max device.

So, how to unlock BMW Comfort Access/Smart Key?

e.g. BMW 2004-2010

FCC: KR55WK49147


Remote (Non OEM)

Chip: PCF7953

The original key is already locked.

Go to KEYTOOL MAX interface

Select Transponder Clone>> Read transponder

Put the chip into the coil position of Key Tool Max to detect

Detect the chip status is already locked.

Back to the main menu

Select Special function>> Remote Renew>> BMW>> 5WK49147 E Series 315MHz Smartkey

Follow the connection diagram on the screen to connect the PCF7953 chip and Key Tool Max

Click ‘Unlock’

Renew successfully

Remove the chip and put it into the Key Tool Max coil and read transponder again

Now it shows ‘Unlocked’