How to Do if VVDI Key Tool Plus ID48 online calculation”Don’t have enough bonus points”

Customer feedback:

Use Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus to do ID48(96 bit) online calculation, got error “The device don’t have enough bonus points for calculation, please collect points first, also you can recharge token for calculation!”.

Then How to solve ?

Method 1. charge token for calculation

The Device need token to complete this operation and program Chip


1 Token Copy 48 and ID48 96bit for Xhorse Key Tool Plus

Used for: For Xhorse VVDI2
Mini VVDI Key Tool
Key Tool Max
Key Tool Plus

Method 2. Collect Bonus Points

VVDI 96bit ID48 cloning costs 100 points each time .

Points can be accumulated by using VVDI remote.

Then you can convert the bonus points into tokens

Method 3. just sync your dolphin or other xhorse products to use their points

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