How to Remove a Car Rear Speaker

This is a article showing how to a car rear speaker.

Car stereos are the most utilized aftermarket option for vehicles of all kinds. It is an easy enough task to take on yourself if you can follow directions, have a basic set of tools and a little patience. Taking the rear speakers out is one part of the process of upgrading your car stereo speaker.

1. Locate your rear speakers and figure out how to access them. This will depend on the make, model and possibly even the year of your vehicle. In some vehicles, they have to be accessed from the trunk while in others you can remove them from the inside of the car where they are located.

2. Remove any items that may need to come out to access the rear speaker holding cage. This could include the paneling inside the car or coverings in the trunk. If you are removing paneling, it should pop out and back in fairly easy, with possibly a couple of screws. Be careful not to break the paneling or coverings. They can break easily (they are only made of plastic) and then you would have to replace them.

3. Find the holding clamps to the rear speakers and push them down. While holding them down, swing the cage and speaker out. It will then drop down a little. You can take the speaker right out of the cage at this point. Since you are discarding the speaker, you won't need to worry about the shape it is in, though you could choose to sell it.

4. Check out the speaker cage, the holes where the sound comes through and the other areas that come in contact with the speaker. You want to make sure these areas are all free from dust, damage and other things that may cause harm to the new speaker or could cause the sound to not be at its best.