How to solve Xhorse VVDI Prog Shows Error ‘Device Error Check USB Driver’

Here share the solution for Xhorse VVDI PROG happen the problem‘Device Error Check USB Driver’ 


I've been using vvdi-prog for a long time with no problem, suddenly it stopped working, the green led doesn’t flash anymore. Software show message ‘Device Error, please check USB driver’
I've checked the driver.Replaced battery and even usb cable.still same problem
Any suggestions???

Here is the solution from Xhorse engineers:

Do as the error message prompts, install the driver
Change USB cable and use another USB plug.
1) If the yellow indicator won’t flash when connected with USB cable, the vvdiprog is damaged, send to the factory to reflash the unit.
2). If the yellow indicator flashes no problem when connected with USB, uninstall and reinstall software it works. We have customers reloaded the software and it works again.

Hope it helps. customer service