How to use Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus Cut a key for Hyunday IX35

Here this article share with you to use Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus Cut a key for Hyunday IX35, very easy and fast operation.

Install the original key on clamp, and fix it flat.

Go to press on Condor XC-Mini tablet screen.

Decode Key Code

Key duplication >> Hyundai >> ix35 >> LM(09-11) >> Confirm

Key decode >> Confirm

XC-Mini Plus machine starts decoding…

Press “Search” to query key code.

Query complete, it is P0544.

Take out the key, and fix the key blank to be cut on clamp.

Cut By Key Code

Go back to home page, press

Key database >> Hyundai >> Input key code: P544, press “Confirm”

Select key code: P0001-P2500 series, cuts note – 8, compatible key – Silca, press “Confirm”.

Press “cut”.

Condor Mini Plus machine starts cutting…

Wait until cutting finished.

Clear iron scraps, take out the key to compare with original key, they are same.

It does work as well.

Done !

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