How VVDI MB BGA Tool Disable Mercedes E260L 2011 key

Here is the Guide to disable Mercedes E260L 2011 key by using Xhorse VVDI MB BGA Tool Mercedes key programmer.
Key information:
Original key: 3 button semi intelligent key
Frequency: 433MHz
Start: insert key to start engine
Disable key device: VVDI MB

1.Connect VVDI MB Tool with vehicle via OBD diagnostic socket. Turn ignition switch to ON position.
Open VVDI MB BGA software, select EIS-> Read EIS data and then save data.

2. Insert key into EIS

3. VVDI MB will prompt key position to be disabled
Note: VVDI Mercedes shows the last used key number #2, second used key number #7, so Key 2 and Key 7 are the working keys. Do not disable key 2 and key 7. We need to disable key 1.

4. Tick the key 1 to be disabled

After disable key 1, it will not start car. You cannot add key on this position neither. Are you sure to disable key 1? Press YES to continue.

5. VVDI MB Tool disable Mercedes key success!