Instruction to Combine Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus with Condor/Dolphin to have 1 Daily Free Token

This is the instruction how to Combine Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus with Condor/Dolphin to have 1 Daily Free Token, what customers asked us before.

Hi Elyza , how are you ? I have some question and want to know 
1. How to combine the xhorse dolphin xp005 with the vvdi key tool plus pad to get the daily free token?
2. If i have my dolphin combined with my key tool plus how do you know when you get a token per day when combined?
3.  I need to combine dolphin to this tool and should I remove from my VVDI MB?

Here is the answer from engineers :

1. If you combine xhorse key tool plus with Condor XC-Mini,  Condor Mini Plus, Condor XC-002, Dolphin XP007 or Dolphin XP005 key cutting machine, you will have 1 free token per day for online password calculation.

Send a photo of your key tool plus serial number and dolphin/condor SN with your identity card (Passport, Driving License etc) to us and we will activate your MB token per day. 
This token works only for MB.  All required information must be shown in a single picture. For example

2. If combine Condor or dolphin with key tool plus, follow this path to check free token:

User account –  My bonus points – Bonus points composition

3. A key cutting machine can be combined with one key programming device ONLY. If your condor/dolphin has combined with the vvdi mb tool, you must unbind the vvdi mb from the combination. Then combine key tool plus with condor/dolphin.

But one key programmer can be combined with up to 2 key cutting machines to get up to 2 free daily tokens.  For example, you can combine keytool plus with both condor mini plus and dolphin xp-005 to get 2 daily free tokens. customer service