(Solved) Xhorse Key Tool Max Not Enough Remote Bonus Points for Generation

One user @Nazmeel Mohamed asked for help on Facebook:

How to collect bonus points? Please help!

The issue:

When he used VVDI Key Tool Max to generate one 8A smart card, he got the prompt “The device doesn’t have enough remote bonus points for 8A smart card generation. Please collect points first!”

Some enthusiastic friends gave their answers.

@Ugochukwu Ofornedu

Generate 8 xhose remote, you will get the points to copy that chip.

@James Green

Please use the Xhorse remote (except XM Smart) to generate key and collect the points.

Obd2shop.co.uk engineer advised the customer to do as below.

There are two methods to get bonus points.

Method 1: Use Xhorse new remotes

You will get bonus points after you complete the remote generation of a new remote one time.

How many bonus points for different remote?

You can get 25, 40 or 60 bonus points depends on the Xhorse series universal remote. Please refer to the following Xhorse Universal Remote Bonus Points List.

Item    Bonus Points you will have
XK series wired remote (without transponder)    25
XE series super remote    40
XN Series wireless remote (with transponder)    40
XS series smart key remote    60

Method 2: Send feedback to Xhorse on App

Step 1: Open the Xhorse App

Step 2: Click “I want to develop remotes”

Step 3: Click “I want (to) develop remotes” again

Step 4: Complete the related information, and then click “submit”

Now it’s okay. Bonus will be awarded after Xhorse manual review.


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