Testing EIS on 2013 Mercedes C220 Using XTool A80 Pro

How to use Xtool A80 Pro OBD2 Diagnostic Tool to test EIS functions on a Mercedes Benz C220? Here we go I’m gonna make a quick demo to show the steps.

Plugged A80 Pro VCI into OBD2 port, press
Mercedes >> Automatic detection >> OK >> System selection >> Body >> EZS - electronic ignition switch >> Live data

There are 7 system functions we can test, I’m going to show the status of ignition switch, so press “Status of circuits”.

As you can see, the “Circuit 15C/15R” are my ignition, like ignition feeds, which are “OFF”.
My transmitter key is “Not Active”. My circuit 50 which is my main feed. When my ignition is turned, it is also “OFF”. so what I’ll do is to insert the key.

Look, Circuit 15C has come on. I’m going to turn my ignition on, so my lights on the dash. If you now notice my ignition switch on, signals are all activated. And the only one at the minute that’s off is my start signal.

So if I press my brake and try to start the vehicle...Have a look, the EIS is sending the signal out. So the vehicle started, it went to on then went off again. That means it sent the signal to the vehicle ECU and the relevant modules for the car to start.

This is just a quick way of testing Mercedes EIS to see its functionality via Xtool A80 Pro. Any questions please contact us.