Use AUTEL IM608 Program 2014 BMW 640d CAS4 Key Via OBD

Here to share BMW CAS4 Key Programming With Autel IM608 Via OBD

Here is a 868 megahertz BMW key, and a new smart key to be programmed

Connect Autel IM608 with the OBD port of BMW, let’s go to start:

IMMO >> Accept >> BMW >> Smart selection >> OK

Key learning >> OK >> OBD learning >> OK

OBD Read SK >> OK >> Yes

Hold the working BMW key closely on the side of start coil, then press “OK”.

Read password successful, press “OK”.

Select a free slot Key5, then press “Write key”.

Put the new key close to start coil, key frequency: 868 MHz, press “OK”.


The ignition was just switched off and switched back on again.

Write key successful! Follow the instructions and press “OK”.

Put the key close to start induction coil, press and hold the ignition for 10s. After the learning is completed, the key can be normally used.

Now let me see if this new key works… there you go, starts up absolutely fine.

BMW Key programming has been done.

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