VVDI Key Tool Max Pro How to Decode PIN Code from EEPROM Dump

Product prepare : Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max Pro
Car model: i.e. VW Passat B6/CC

How to use Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max Pro to decode the PIN (or “Login”) code from the comfort module EEPROM dump and another easy option for ID48 chip cloning by reusing an existing key.

Turn on Key Tool Max Pro

Tap Immo Data Tool>> File management>> Quick login- Scan PC QR code

Visit http://i.xhorse.com on a PC

Use Xhorse Key Tool Max Pro to scan the QR code on PC

Then upload the bin file to i.xhorse.com.

*Must read EEPROM dump and save to PC

Then tap File management>> My data on VVDI Key Tool Max Pro

Download the VW Passat B6 bin file

Back to the main menu

Tap Immo data tool>> Europe>> VW>> Passat>> Comfort ID48-95320>> Start execution

Tap download and select the VW Passat-b6 bin file just downloaded to decrypt

Load file successfully, the PIN Code appears on the screen now.

Then you can select an unused key position and make dealer key with the PIN code.

Done !

Hope it helps.

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Obd2shop.co.uk Team