Xtool D9 Pro OBD2 Bi-directional Diagnostic Tool Supports ECU Online Programmer & Coding/ Topology Map/ CAN FD & DoIP

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Product Description

XTOOL D9 PRO diagnostic tool is the latest 2023 version with the function of topology map, CAN FD and DoIP, online ECU programming and coding, Bi-Directional Controls, etc.

XTOOL D9 PRO OBD2 Bi-directional Scan Tool

xtool d9 pro

Xtool D9 PRO Advantages

1. OE-Level Full System Diagnostic with Topplogy Module Mapping
2. 42+ Maintenance Services & Full Special Functions
3. ECU Programming for Benz/ BMW/ VW/ AUDI/ SKODA/ FORD/ MAZDA
4. Programmable Module Installation(PMI) function
5. Bi-Directional Control
6. Support CAN FD/DoIP
7. Advanced ECU Coding & Refresh Hidden Functions
8. IMMO/Key Programming
9. BT Connection & Wired Connection via USB Type B cable:
10. 3 Years Software Udpate & Support 14+ Languages
11. Check Xtool D9 PRO support list 

Xtool D9 Pro Description:  

XTOOL D9 PRO Diagnostic Tool is an advanced scanning tool based on the Android operating system. It supports multiple languages and is suitable for different countries and regions. The advantage of this OBD2 scanner are its comprehensive functions and its ability to quickly provide the user with more accurate diagnostic information.

Xtool D9 Pro Features:

1. Bi-Directional Controls (Active tests available vary by cars)
>> Accurately figure out whether a specific system, component, or subsystem in vehicles goes well and locate the problem by interactively operating and testing the vehicle's related actuators, such as:
✔️ ACM Test, Radiator Fan Test
✔️ A/C Clutch On/Off, Fuel Pump On/Off
✔️ Windows/Door Locks/Horns, etc.

xtool d9 pro bi-directional control

2. Powerful Key Programming Function
>>Fast Key Programming also is an integral part of any mechanic’s working, D9 Pro comes with powerful key programming functions including:
✔️ Work with EEPROM Adapter (Package NOT Included) to read/write/backup the IMMO data.
✔️ Read PIN code
✔️ Add New Keys (Fob/Smart)
✔️ Remote Learning
✔️ Key Matching
✔️ Remote Learn
✔️ ALL-KEYS-LOST Functions, etc.
NOTE: Key programming does not work on all cars, please check the compatibility before purchase.

xtool d9 pro key programming

3. Intelligent Topology Module Mapping Capability
>> Intuitive displays the relationship between vehicle systems to provide a more efficient method for today's complex in-vehicle communications, providing you with a clear view of your vehicle systems/modules and their working status.

xtool d9 pro topology map

4. Advanced ECU Coding (Online Coding) Function
>> Used to reflash the vehicle control modules, it allows you to reprogram adaptive data for certain components after making repairs or replacements. You can use D9 pro to stimulate all the possibilities of the vehicles.

>> After we replace control units, bad actuators, or certain parts we need to do the coding to make the replaced parts are stored and recognized by the ECU. Almost all systems that include engine, fuel, injector, gear shift, ABS, airbag system, and so on can be coded with this scanner. Before the coding, please read and record the original module’s information.

>> Including Recode Changed Modules; Optimize Vehicle Performance; Re-Flash  Hidden Functions; Renewing ECUs Coordination; reprogramming; Adaptive Data; Improve Fuel Efficiency; Reduce Power Loss; Improving the Durability of Mechanical Parts, etc.

xtool d9 pro ecu programming

5. Support 42+ Special Functions

✔ Oil Reset: Reset service intervals after the oil change and turn off the oil light.
✔ EPB Reset: Reset brake pads after replacement of brake system.
✔ SAS Adjustment: Perform calibration of the steering angle sensor
✔ DPF Reset: Perform DPF regeneration
✔ BMS Reset: Register the new battery to the ECU after replacement.
✔ Throttle Relearn: Enables you to make initial settings to throttle to adjust the amount of air intake.
✔ ABS Bleeding: Perform the ABS Brake Bleed function to cycle the ABS pump to bleed the air out of the ABS.
✔ Injector Coding: Coding injectors after replacement.
✔ Transmission Match: Reset the adaptive shifting points in your automatic Transmission Control Unit.
✔ Gear Learning: The crankshaft position sensor learns crankshaft tooth machining tolerance and saves to the tablet to diagnose engine misfires more accurately.
✔ Key Programming/IMMO: Disable the lost vehicle keys and program a new replacement key fob.
✔ Enhanced Special functions: Steering Position Sensor Calibration, Hybrid Control Compression Test, HVAC Control Module Calibrate, Zero Point Calibration, Injector balance test, ECU Configuration, VGT Turbo Calibration, Idle Learn Reset, Alcohol Content Reset, ABS Initialization, Seat Weight Sensor Calibration, Fuel Trim Reset, Cylinder Power Balance, Crankshaft Sensors Relearn, Language change, A/F Settings, Stop/Start Reset, etc.

2023 Advanced Special Functions: 
Reset control unit, Odometer Read, Rain/Light Sensor, A/C Relearn, HV Battery, VIN Write, Clutch Adaption, etc.
Note: ALL the service functions available vary across vehicles. Please come to us to check compatibility with car VINs.

xtool d9 pro special function

6. OE-Level Full System Diagnostics:
XTOOL D9 Pro is an OE-level full diagnostic scanner as it can scan ECUs in different types of vehicle systems and subsystems such as engine, TCM(Transmission), SRS(Airbag), ABS, TPMS, BCM, BODY, AC and much more, read /clear codes, view the live data from each available system, perform active tests to check the work status of modules, providing you with a dealership- level only diagnosis, getting the accurate and in-depth results across all automotive systems.

xtool d9 pro oe -leverl

7. CAN FD & DoIP Protocol Supported
Supports DoIP & CAN FD protocol vehicles for much faster data transfer rates, compatible with newer vehicles that are CAN FD (for GM 2020+ vehicles) & DoIP protocol (for BMW E/F/G Chassis, for Jaguar, for Land Rover, etc. vehicle makes), saving you tons of money on buying adapters, and no more worry about connector loss.

8. 3 Years of Software Updates for All Functions
XTOOL D9 Pro automotive diagnostic tool comes with 3 Years of Software Updates to continuously expand vehicle coverage, add newly developed features, improve interaction experience, and fix software glitches. You can use the last updated software programs even if you choose not to renew your subscription! No more worry about the function disappearing or being locked.

9. Two Connection Ways(Bluetooth & USB Type B Cable Connection)
Enables communication with the vehicle either through the convenient BT wireless method or the more reliable and faster-lined connection via the USB Type B cable included. It allows you to finish the work in the garage or in the car easily

10. Reflash Hidden Functions
To unlock features that are not available to vehicles previously out of auto factories like rear-view mirror folding, and disable annoying features that are disturbing while driving seat belt alarm, max speed limiter, etc.
Note: For BMW/ VW/ AUDI/ SKODA/ TOYOTA/ LEXUS/ SCION/ MAZDA/ FORD/LINCOLN Only, Check with us before purchasing!
xtool d9 pro can fd

11. 90+ Vehicle Brands, 10000+ Cars Coverage
D9 PRO Covers 10000+ Vehicles including American, European, Asian, and Japanese brands. The extensive vehicle coverage can provide you with almost every diagnostic option a mechanic could need. 

12. Support 14+ Languages
English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Finnish, Arabic, Japanese, Thai, Korean, Polish, Russian, and Chinese.

D9 PRO Work with XTOOL Accessories to Further Extend Capabilities:

1. Works with KC501: For Benz infrared key programming, For VW 4th,5th immo, For Eeprom, For Chips programming. Complete advanced-level all-purpose key programming.
2. Works with KS-1:  For Toyota all key lost programming, for 94 chip smart key.
3. Works with M822: For TOYOTA 4A/8A Smart Key Programming.need to work with KC501.
4. Works with M821: For Mercedes-Benz All Key Lost.
5. Works with SK-1: For Toyota/Lexus 8A/4A Smart Key Programming, Add Keys, Emergency start Frequency & Key type reading.
6. Works with KC100: Fullfill general purpose key programming, for VW 4th and 5th immo.
7. Works with XV100: Mainly applied to check unseen parts of the engine, fuel tank, braking system, etc.
8. Works with ADAS: To calibrate the onboard ADAS Systems.

xtool d9 pro more functions

Xtool D9 PRO Parameters:

OS System & Processor: Android 5.1, Quad-core processor 1.8GHz
Storage: 2G+64G
Display: 9.7-inch capacitive, 1024×768 resolution
Connectivity: USB/Wi-Fi(2.4GHz & 5GHz Dual-Frequency)/Bluetooth
Audio Input/ Audio Output: Microphone/ Loudspeaker
Ports: USB3.0/DC charging port/VGA port/DOIP port
Battery: 10000mAh

xtool d9 pro parameters

Xtool D9 Pro Packing List:

1 pc x D9 Pro Tablet
1 pc x  VCI Box
1 pc x  USB 3.0 To Type_B Main Cable
1 pc x  Charger for Tablet
1 pc x  US/EU Power Cable
1 pc x  Color Carton
1 pc x  USB3.0 Data Cable (Connect to PC)
1 pc x  Certificate of Quality
1 pc x  Tool Case
1 pc x  User Manual
1 pc x OBD II-16
1 pc x  for HONDA-3
1 pc x  for TOYOTA-17
1 pc x for BMW-20
1 pc x for KIA-20
1 pc x for MAZDA-17R
1 pc x for NISSAN-14
1 pc x for GM/DAEWOO-12
1 pc x or SUZUKI-3
1 pc x for FIAT-3
1 pc x for HYUNDAI/KIA-10
1 pc x for AUDI-4
1 pc x for MITSUBISHI-12+16
1 pc x for UNIVERSAL-3
1 pc x for CITROEN-2
1 pc x for BENZ-38
1 pc x for BENZ-14
xtool d9 pro package list 01
xtool d9 pro package list 02


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