GODIAG V600-BM BMW Diagnostic and Programming Tool

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Product Description

GODIAG V600-BM is a professional BMW diagnostic and programming tool. It has the capabilities of intelligent vehicle diagnosis, ECU programming, calibration, and some special functions. It supports all mainstream BMW diagnostic software on the market. It features in high-performance CPU, WIFI dual-mode (STA/AP), Ethernet communication.

GODIAG V600-BM BMW Diagnostic and Programming Tool

Note:  E series cars sometimes has problem engineers is develop and improve to sort it out. Please use test on F series or other vehicles first.

GODIAG V600-BM Description:

GODIAG V600 is a BMW professional diagnostic & programming/coding tool, it will replace GT1, OPS, OPPS, ICOM, ICOM A2, ICOM A3, ICOM NEXT.
V600-BM CAN-FD J2534 can access all systems of the newest BMW car models to quickly read / clear fault codes, read dynamic data stream, active test, activation, components replacement, ECU replacement and upgrading, personalized settings, ECU programming, retrofitting, and upgrading car configuration, SCN Coding, transmission initialization, enable the hidden features, etc.

Godiag V600-BM first time setup guide

1. Locate the registration slip included in the packaging
- Open carefully to reveal the device serial number and product key
- These are required for first time setup your new V600-BM inteface

2. Download Godiag V600-BM firmware updater (add download link here)

3. Extract the contents of the zip file to a folder

3. Run the Godiag firmware updater by double clicking the file "STTech.AnyVCI.Updater.exe"

4. For first time users, register the device by entering your email, password of your choice, product serial number and product key in the required fields
- If you have already registered, you can login with your email and password

5. On the main page you can select various options such as firmware update, license update and advanced settings

6. Please follow our Godiag V600-BM online guides to update device firmware or update license

7. The Godiag V600-BM is now ready to use and fully compatible with BMW standard tools

8. We can also provide the latest BMW diagnostic software  on HDD or SSD contact us here sales@obd2shop.co.uk

GODIAG V600 Update Schedule:

1. Plan to add authorization of Benz, Land Rover, Jaguar, CAN-FD, Toyota, VW, Audi (ODIS software)
2. Dedicated Android APP is under development, it will support both Ethernet and WiFi communication.

Comes with Tool32, For BMW Coding, ISPI, INPA, E-SYS, WINKFP, NCS-Expert Tool, and you can directly run them.

Compatible Protocol: J2534, CAN-FD, DOIP, D-CAN, ISO14230, ISO15765, IFH, K-line ******

godiag v600-bm

V600 Support OEM diagnostic function Car list:

1 series: 1'_E81/E81/E87/E88, 1'_F20/F21
2 series: 2'_F22/F23, 2'_F45/F46, 2'_F87
3 series: 3'_E46, 3'_E90/E91/E92/E93, 3'_F30/F31/F34/F35, 3'_F80
4 series: 4'_F32/F33/F36, 4'_F82/F83
5 series: 5'_E39, 5'_E60/E61, 5'_GT(F07), 5'_F10/F11/F18
6 series: 6'_E63/E64, 6'_F06/F12/F13
7 series: 7'_E38, 7'_E65/E66, 7'_F01/F02/F03/F04, 7'_G11/G12
X series: X1_E84, X1_F48/F49, X3_E83, X5_E53, X5_70, X6_E71,
X6_E72, X3_F25, X5_F15/F85, X6_F16/F86, X4_F26
Z series: Z4_E85/E86, Z4_E89
I series: I'_I01/I02
MINI: MINI_R50/R52/R53, MINI_R55/R56/R57/R58/R59/R60, MINI_F55/F56

GODIAG V600 stand-out features:

1. Contained with dedicated For BMW software (same as ICOM, ICOM A2 / A3 / NEXT, etc, no need to install any driver.)

1) Used to read/erase fault codes, read the data flow, maintenance guidance, circuit diagram, wiring diagram and directly upgrade & program new models. It will activate the ignition switch without keys during diagnosis.

godiag v600-bm functions 01

2). An off-line programming and coding software system, including the latest database for programming E, F, G, K, I series models

3). Engineer programming & coding software for F series vehicles

godiag v600-bm functions 03

4). WINKFP: engineer programming software for E series vehicles.
5). NCS-Expert Tool: engineer programming software for E series vehicles.
6). INPA: engineering diagnostic software for E series vehicles.

godiag v600-bm functions 04

7). Tool32: engineer command execution software for E series vehicles.
8). For BMW Coding Tool: WINKFP NCS auxiliary software for importing engineer data for E series vehicles.

godiag v600-bm functions 05

2. Provide a variety of communication modes:

USB 2.0
DoIP indicator
Ethernet 10/100Mbps
WIFI/BT 802.11 indicator 150Mbps
ETH indicator
System Indicator

godiag v600-bm functions 06

3. Specifications

Suitable power: 7-32 V
About 300 mA when the power is 12V
High-speed processor: CPU 580 MHz MIPS, 32MB FLASH, 128MByte RA, Built-in 32G TF card (optional)

godiag v600-bm functions 07

4. Replace any of these For BMW diagnostic tools: For BMW ICOM, ICOM A2 / A3 / Next etc.

godiag v600-bm functions 08

5. The Button Function:

F1-Press it for more than 3s to reset factory setting
F2-Press it to restart system

godiag v600-bm functions 09

Godiag V600-BM Parameters:
Shell The shell is made of Polyamide.
Size: 108 x 52 x 27 mm
Power Supply 7-32 V
Current Consumption About 300 mA when the power is 12V
CPU 580 MHz MIPS, 32MBFLASH, 128MByte RA, built-in 32G TF card(optional)
Operating System Linux
WiFi 150Mbps Wi-Fi 1T1R 802.11bgn
Bluetooth Bluetooth5.0/5.1
Interface USB 2.0
Ethernet 10/100Mbps
Indicator DoIP indicator
WIFI/BT indicator
ETH indicator
System indicator
Buzzer Sound Pressure Level: MIN.80 dB
Temperature Working: -20 ... +55°C, Storage: -20 ... +85°C
Protection Rating Dust prevention and water resistance conform to IP52
Conform to
Electromagnetic Compatibility
Noise emission: EN 55011, EN 55022
Anti-interference: EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-4

V600-BM Vs ICOM A1 A2 A3 NEXT:
Items Godiag V600 BM Professional Tool ICOM A1 A2 A3 NEXT
Image godiag v600-bm icom a1 a2 a3 next
Configuration Volume 12cm*6cm*2cm 25cm*12cm*4.5cm
Weight 300g 1.5kg
CPU high-speed processing High-speed processing 580 MHz MIPS, 32MBFLASH, 128MByte RA, built-in 32G Average processing
MPC5200 400MHZ
Low power consumption 3.6W 15w
Communication Wifi Built-in 150Mbps Wi-Fi 1T1R802.11bgn Optional (or NO optional)
Point to point wifi Yes No
Connect wifi through the router Yes With Wifi card
Network cable communication Yes Yes
USB Yes No
Protocol CAN-FD Yes No
DOIP Yes Yes
Functions For BMW model diagnosis Yes Yes
I-S-T-A-D (Diagnostic Software) Yes Yes
I-S-T-A-P (Programming software) Yes Yes
ECU Programming Yes Yes
Coding Yes Yes
ECU Data Update Yes Yes
Optical fiber interface Yes Yes
Refit Yes Yes
For new For BMW models, there is no need to turn on the ignition switch and smart key t and V600 can also enter the diagnostic mode Yes Yes
Features Add authorization to support more models Yes No
Authorization of JLR CAN FD Yes (Extra charge) No
Authorization of ODIS Yes (Extra charge) No
Authorization of Toyota TIS Yes (Extra charge) No
Authorization of Benz software Yes (Extra charge) No
Update Plan Phone APP is under development Yes No
Charge your phone by using tapy-c cable to connect V600 Yes No

V600-BM Package includes:

1pc x GODIAG V600-BM CAN-FD J2534

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How to use BMW I-S-T-A D I-S-T-A-+ with GODIAG V600-BM

GODIAG V600-BM BMW Diagnostic Tool update license operation video

GODIAG V600 BM BMW Diagnostic Tool Firmware update operation video

Tech Support

How to register and update GODIAG V600-BM

This post will show you how to register your GODIAG V600-BM account and update the device’s firmware.

Part 1. Register a V600-BM Account

When using Godiag V600-bm for the first time, you need to register an account and connect the device to prove you are a real user.

Click "Register a new User".

godiag v600-bm register 01

Follow the instructions to enter the corresponding information.

godiag v600-bm register 02

After registration, fill in your user name and password to log in.

godiag v600-bm register 03

After successfully logging in, you will see the following interface:

godiag v600-bm register 04

Part 2. Update V600-BM Firmware

To update the firmware of your device, you must first connect it:

godiag v600-bm update 01

It shows there is a new version to upgrade, you can choose to upgrade.

godiag v600-bm update 02


godiag v600-bm update 03

The download is complete, click to update.

godiag v600-bm update 04

godiag v600-bm update 05

godiag v600-bm update 06

Now you can close the application, the device update process will take a few minutes.
Do not cut off the power while updating the device!

godiag v600-bm update 07

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