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May Sales [UK/EU Ship] Launch BST360 Car Battery tester Analysis 6V12V 2000CCA Voltage Battery Test Clip Charging Cricut Load tool for X431 V/V+/Pros/PRO3S+/Pro5/PAD VII

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Product Description

Launch BST360 Car Bluetooth Battery Tester is a new generation of 6V/12V lead-acid battery test clip that supports Bluetooth wireless communication.
It is used for measuring the actual Cold Cranking Ampere(CCA) of the car starter battery, analyzing the battery health, and detecting the starting system and the charging system of the car.

Launch BST360 Bluetooth Battery Tester 


Launch BST-360 suitable for technicians and on the go consumers, is safe to use with its anti-heatcharacteristics and preventionagainst backfire electrical sparks that can occur during electrical system diagnosis.

Why Choose LAUNCH X431 BST360 12V Battery Tester from us

1. Support Bluetooth wireless automatic connection
2. Support X431 series (Compatible with LAUNCH X-431 scanners: X-431 PRO GT, X-431 PRO V4.0, X-431 PRO3 V4.0, X-431 PAD III , X431 VX431 V+X431 PROSX431 PRO5X431 PRO3S+X431 PAD VIIX431 Pro Elite) , also work with IOS/Android Smart Phone
3. Small size, easy to carry
4. Immediately use, no heat, no sparks, no operational risks
5. Support common battery standards, such as CCA, DIN, JIS, EN, IEC, AH, SAE, BCI.
6. Support common battery types, such as ordinary battery (Regular Flooded), AMG start-stop battery (AGM Plate), GEL start-stop battery (GEL), EFP start-stop battery (EFP)
7. Support report printing, Bluetooth sharing
8. Multi-languages: support Chinese, English, German, French, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese and other languages
9. It has the function of reverse polarity protection, and the reverse connection of the clip will not damage the tester, nor will it have any adverse effects on the car and the battery.
10. You can directly test the battery that is losing power without having to fully charge it before testing.

LAUNCH BST360 Features

1. Real-time monitor the battery health status include.
2. Staring and charging system analysis to determine related faultslissues.
3.Allow the user to download test reports on their smartphones and diagnostic scan tools by Bluetooth wirelesstechnology
4.Portable and lightweight with compact and practical usability

LAUNCH BST-360 Supports 6 kinds of test :

1.Ripple Detection
2.Battery Test
3.Electric Current Test
4. Starter Test
5.Charging System Test
6. Voltage Test

LAUNCH BST-360 Applicable battery types

6V,12V(Lead-acid battery, GEL battery and AGM battery)

LAUNCH BST-360 Function :

1.Battery Health Test
It mainly analyzes the health status of the car battery, calculates the actual cold start capacity of the battery, and judges the aging degree of the battery, so as to provide a reliable analysis basis for the inspection and maintenance of the car battery.

2. Smart System Test
It is mainly to detect and analyze the starter motor of the car, and detect the actual starting current and starting voltage of the starter motor, so that it can be judged whether the starter motor is normal.

3. Charging Health Test
Let you know the output voltage of the generator ,the rectifier diode and charging current.Moreover, it analyze the state of the charging system and battery through the above data, provide you with an accuraye charing system test

4.Test Record
including Battery Health test , Smart System Test and Charging Health Test report

Launch BST360 parameters:

Connection method: Bluetooth connection
Test voltage range: 11~16V
Measuring capacity range: 30AH-80AH
Working temperature: -10~50℃
Storage temperature: -20~60℃
Cable length: about 56cm

How to Connect BST-360 to work :

Packing List :

1pc* LAUNCH BST-360


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Tech Support

How to use Launch BST360 on a phone?

  1. Install BST360 app in Google Play Store, allow all access to start;
  2. Clamp battery with BST360, go to BST360 app to do tests.

How to use Launch BST360 on X431 diagnostic tool?

Launch BST360 supports to work with X431 diagnostic tools like X431 Pro V4.0, X431 Pro3 V4.0, X431 PAD V, X431 PAD VII, etc.
  1. Clamp battery with BST360;
  2. Go to PAD V to control: Other modules >> Toolbox >> Battery tester >> BST360
Here we can perform 3 battery tests and have a report.

How to do Battery Health Test with BST360?

Please select according to facts:
Battery health test >> I know >> Common battery >> Japanese industrial standard >> 42B19
Now we can check battery power SOC, battery voltage, battery life SOH, measured starting current, input standard, input rating and internal resistance in Battery Health Test.

How to do Cranking Test with BST360?

  1. Start System Test;
  2. Please turn off all electrical components including car lights, radios, air conditioners, etc. It was turned off before the test;
  3. Start the engine to test after pressing “Confirm”.
Now we can check start duration & start voltage in test result.

How to do Charging Health Test with BST360?

  1. Charging Health Test;
  2. Start the engine before testing to make sure it has started;
  3. Increase the speed to 2500 rpm and keep it for 5s;
Now we can check on load voltage & no load voltage in test result.

How to share the Test Result Report?

Open the report file, click “Share” on top right corner, it can be sent to anywhere via Bluetooth.