Launch CNC603A Fuel Injector Tester Ultrasonic Cleaner 220V/110V

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Product Description

New Arrival Launch Automotive Launch CNC603A Fuel Injector Tester Cleaner 220V
CNC-603 is an advanced electromechanical product, which can clean and test injectors by simulating engine working conditions. It can also perform cleaning on the injectors and fuel supply system on vehicle.

Launch CNC603A Fuel Injector Tester Ultrasonic Cleaner 220V/110V

Launch CNC603A Fuel Injector Tester - 1

Launch CNC603A Description:

CNC-603A is an Ultrasonic Automotive Injector Cleaner & Tester from LAUNCH. We upgrade the shell design to sheet metal on this latest generation for more durable and reliable usage. Combining the ultrasonic cleaning technology with microprocessor hydraulic control cleaning detection technology, CNC-603A can clean and inspect the car fuel injectors and fuel supply system.

Launch CNC603A Features:

1. The sheet metal shell design is good for durable and reliable usage
2. 2 in 1 design for more space-saving, the cleaner can be separated from the device
3. Glass tube is resistant to high and low temperature
4. User-friendly design of the fuel intake and drain pipe for convenient oil filling and discharge
5. The seamless design of the key mask for better oil resistance
6. Apply the ultrasonic cleaning technology, support on-vehicle cleaning
7. Variety test includes uniformity and atomization detection, sealing test, fuel injection quantity detection, automatic cleaning detection
8. Automatic injector cleaning inspection
9. Automatic control of cleaning and detection process
10. Support both automatic and manual oil draining
11. Scan QR code and get access to the LAUNCH platform, check equipment information, and send product feedback


Uniformity / spray ability test: to detect the uniformity of the fuel injection quantity of each injector and monitor the spray status of injectors thoroughly and carefully by using the backlight, and to back flush injectors.
Leakage test: to test the leakage and dribbling conditions of injectors under system pressure.
Injecting flow test: to detect the amount of fuel injected normally by injectors in 15 seconds.
Auto test: under specific working conditions and parameters, the precise simulation of test of injectors
Ultrasonic cleaning: to perform ultrasonic cleaning on multiple injectors at the same time, removing carbon deposits on injectors completely.
On-vehicle cleaning: Coming with a variety of disassembly-free cleaning connectors, the device can be used to perform on-vehicle cleaning and maintenance for various vehicle models.
Version information: to check the software version information of the current device.

Launch CNC603A Fuel Injector Tester - 2

CNC603A 5 Types of Test Modes:

Uniformity Test
Leakage Test
Injecting Flow Test
Auto Test
Ultrasonic Cleaning

CNC603A Support Models:

Audi, Australia Ford, Benz, BMW, Brilliance, Chevrolet, Chevy, Chrysler, Citroen,  Dacia, Dadi, Daewoo, Daihatsu, Demo, Fiat, Ford, GM, Holden,  Honda, Hyundai, Isuzu, Jaguar, Kia, Lancia, Land Rover, Mahindra, Maruti, Mazda, Mitsubish, Nissan, Opel,  Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Romeo, Rover, Saab, Seat, Skoda,  Smart, Subaru, Suzuki, Tata, Toyota, Volvo, VW, Yamaha

How to Use CNC603A Car Fuel Injector Tester Cleaner:

1.Clean injector's outside with cleaning liquid before opening the machine .Putting injectors in ultrasonic bathtub after the outside of injector is free of dirt. The cleaning fluid does not exceed the connection port of the pulse line.
2.Turn on ultrasonic system allowing the ultrasonic energy to dislodge any particles build-up inside the injectors. After cleaning, the remaining cleaning fluid can be recycled.
3.Fixed injectors on main machine, testing injectors for resistance, shorts, and current draw.The test liquid can be added to the half of the glass tube.
4.Performing leak test, spray pattern, and flow rate testing on flow bench.The injectors are now returned to the flow bench for retesting of all functions.

Launch CNC603A Fuel Injector Tester - 3

Launch CNC603A Specification:

Power    AC220V-230V,50Hz/60Hz 1.5Amax
Mechanical Power    300W
Ultrasonic Cleaning Power    100W
Speed Range for Simulation Test    10~9990rpm (step: 10rpm)
Timing Range    1~9999s Pulse
Width Range    0.5~25ms (step: 0.1ms)
Speed Range for Simulation Test    10~9990rpm (step: 10rpm)
Timing Range    1~9999s Pulse
Width Range    0.5~25ms (step: 0.1ms)
Operating Volume    2000ml
Packing Dimension    458mm×433mm×537mm
Main Unit Dimension    355mm×350mm×356mm
Net Weight    10.5kg
Gross Weight    13kg
Environment Temperature    0℃~+45℃
Relative Humidity    <85%
Strength of External Magnetic Field    <400A/m 

Note: Open fire is strictly prohibited within 2M

Package Includes:
1pc x Launch CNC603A


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