OBDSTAR DC706 ECU Tool with BODY Software

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Product Description

OBDSTAR DC706 ECU Tool with BODY Software

OBDSTAR DC706 with Body Functions:

ECU Clone/ All by OBD or Bench

DC706 Body/Other Clone Function Display:

DC706 Supported Body Manufacturers:

Module ECU Brand Type Dump ECU Info. Read eeprom Write eeprom Read flash Write flash Read PinCode Comm. Mode
KeyLess(RFHUB/RFHM) Continental   9S12XEQ384/9S12XEG384/9S12XET512+95640   BENCH
KeyLess(RFHUB/RFHM) Continental   9S12XEQ384/9S12XEG384/9S12XET512+95640   BENCH
BSI Continental   9S12DG128         OBD
BSI Continental   MPC5606         OBD/BENCH
BSI Delphi   70F3237+93C86     OBD/BENCH
BSI Delphi   70F3379+93C86     OBD/BENCH
BSI Delphi   70F3632/70F3633         OBD/BENCH
BSI Marelli ID46 912DG128 3K91D     OBD
BSI Marelli ID46 9S12DG256 1K79X     OBD
BSI Marelli   70F3237+95160       OBD
BSI Marelli   70F3378+95160       OBD
BSI Marelli   70F3633+95320       OBD
BSI Siemens   9S12DG128         OBD
KeyLess(RFHUB/RFHM) Continental   9S12XEQ384/9S12XEG384/9S12XET512+95640   BENCH
BCM Continental   0I01Y(9S12DT256)     OBD/BENCH
BCM Continental   4L00M(9S12DP512)     BENCH
BCM Continental   4L91N(9S12DT256)     OBD/BENCH
BCM Continental   70F3384+70F3637         OBD/BENCH
BCM Continental   MPC5607         OBD/BENCH
BCM Delphi   M30882F+95320(25320)     BENCH
BCM Lear   MC9S12XEP768     BENCH
BCM Lear   SPC560B64+95320     OBD/BENCH
BCM Siemens   0I01Y(9S12DT256)     OBD/BENCH
BCM Siemens   4L00M(9S12DP512)     BENCH
BCM Siemens   4L91N(9S12DT256)     OBD/BENCH
BSI Delphi   70F3379+93C86     BENCH
DDM     70F3233+95080     OBD/BENCH
KVM Continental   MC9S12DG256     BENCH
KVM Continental   MC9S12XDT384     BENCH
PDM     70F3373         OBD/BENCH
PDM     70F3626         OBD/BENCH
BCM Bosch   70F3558+24C32 BENCH
BCM Bosch   70F3385+24C16 BENCH
BCM Bosch   70F3469+24C16 BENCH
BCM Continental   70F3469+95160(25160) BENCH
BCM Continental   70F3558+95320(25320) BENCH
BCM Delphi   70F3238+93C86 BENCH
BCM Delphi   70F3379+93C86 BENCH
BCM Delphi   70F3633 BENCH
EPS Bosch   70F3187+95080   BENCH
KVM Continental   MC9S12DG256     BENCH
KeyLess(RFHUB/RFHM) Continental   9S12XEQ384/9S12XEG384/9S12XET512+95640   BENCH
KeyLess(RFHUB/RFHM) Continental   9S12XEQ384/9S12XEG384/9S12XET512+95640   BENCH
BSI Continental Q0X SC667050+95256 OBD/BENCH
BSI Siemens E0X D76F0018+95160     OBD/BENCH
BSI Siemens F0X(K-Line) D76F0018+95160     OBD/BENCH
BSI Siemens S0X 9S12DP512(1L00M)+95128/95256 OBD/BENCH
BSI Valeo N0X SC667152+95256 OBD/BENCH
BSI Valeo P0X 9S12DP512(4L00M)+95128/25128 OBD/BENCH
BSI Valeo X0X 9S12XEP768(2M48H)+24C128 OBD/BENCH
SAM     MC9S12B128(3L80R)     OBD/BENCH
SAM     MC9S12DG256(0L01Y)     OBD/BENCH
SAM     MC9S12DG256(2K79X)     OBD/BENCH
AIRBAG Continental   1L15Y     BENCH
AIRBAG Temic   1L15Y     BENCH
BCM Lear   SPC560B60+95320     OBD/BENCH
BCM Lear   SPC560B64+95320     OBD/BENCH
CCM Alps   1K79X     BENCH
CCM Alps   68376+28F200         BENCH
CCM Alps   68376+29F200BB         BENCH
CCM Alps   MAC7111     BENCH
CCM Alps   MPC5516         BENCH
CEM Delphi   M30855F+93C86     OBD/BENCH
DDM     70F3233+95080     OBD/BENCH
EPS     XC164CS     BENCH
KVM Continental   MC9S12DG256     BENCH
MIRROR     0K75F     BENCH
MIRROR     0L85D     BENCH
MIRROR     3L40K     BENCH
PDM     70F3373         OBD/BENCH
PDM     70F3626         OBD/BENCH
PHM Autoliv   29F800BB         BENCH
PHM Autoliv   AM29DL162DT         BENCH

OBDSTAR DC706 ECU Tool Specifications:
Operation system Android 5.1.1
CPU RK3128 quad-core ARM cortex A7
Battery 3700mA, rechargeable polymer lithium battery
Extension memory card 32G micro SD (TF) card supported
Storage capacity 16GB
LCD 7.0 inch
LCD resolution 1024*600
Touch screen Capacitive touch screen
Wifi Supported
Working temperature -20℃~55℃ (14℉~131℉)
Storage temperature -20℃~70℃ (-4℉~158℉)
Weight About 1.3kg
Dimension 243mm*148mm*36mm

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