[UK/EU Ship] Xhorse MINI PROG Multi-functional Chip Programmer Support Reading Chip Data Without Soldering

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2 Product: Xhorse Mini Prog [UK/EU Ship] Xhorse MINI PROG Multi-functional Chip Programmer Support Reading Chip Data Without Soldering
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Product Description

Xhorse Mini Prog provides users the most portable chip programming solution, can be connected to your smartphone to intelligently complete the chip programming works via Bluetooth and WiFi.

Xhorse MINI PROG Chip Programmer

Xhorse MINI PROG Description:

Xhorse MINI PROG, a professional smart programming device, provides users the most portable chip programming solution. The 3 different pin headers can be easily switched to read and write different chips and to satisfy different demands. The smart screen on the top of MINI PROG clearly shows the real-time working status. MINI PROG can be connected to your smartphone to intelligently complete the chip programming works via Bluetooth and WiFi.

xhorse mini prog

MINI PROG Features:

· Portable; Easy to use
· No need to remove chip
· No need soldering
· No need to cut the wire
· No need to lift the pin

MINI PROG Main Functions:

1. Directly read & write data without soldering
2. Support reading & writing EEPROM data
3. Support reading & writing ECU data
4. Accurately identify the pin connection status
5. Support repair of multiple modules
6. Connect to the APP via WiFi or Bluetooth; Connect to your smartphone (Android, IOS)
7. Support data local & cloud storage
8. Battery-powered device; Easy to use
9. More functions coming soon...

MINI PROG Vs other programmers:

XHORSE MINI PROG Other Programming Devices
Connect to the smartphone via Bluetooth and WiFi. To enhance the working efficiency and reduce communication failures. Connect to the computer via USB cable. You might easily get a vehicle breakdown due to the bad contact caused by the USB cable port.
Support reading chip data without soldering. Solder to PCB, which may lead to car breakdown or data loss if you are not good at soldering.
No need to dismantle the device or cut the wire. A user-friendly device for both green hands and experts. Improper dismantling or cutting may increase the risk of car breakdown.
Support pin detection and report when it detects any problems. Largely avoid data loss. Unable to check the status of pins and data loss may be easily caused due to solder skips.
Read & write most 8-pin ic chip data via its 3 pin headers directly without adapters. Adapter needed and you need to spend a lot on buying all types of adapters.
Support multi-module reading & writing, such as EEPROM, ECU, etc. With this device, you can solve most of problems you encounter at work. Support reading & writing a few modules only. You need to buy many devices to satisfy the needs of work.
Support data local & cloud storage, avoiding data loss due to misoperation. Data loss may arise due to a lack of cloud storage.
Built-in battery ensures working without USB cables, saving a lot of trouble when you work outside. Inconvenient to work outside with USB cable.
Provide professional technical backup. Problems can be resolved on Xhorse App directly by Xhorse technicians. You can only seek help from the product dealer.

Learn more about MINI Prog:

1. Appearance

xhorse mini prog appearance
From the perspective of "simpleness" and the concept of "convenience", MINI PROG is created based on independent R & D by Xhorse researchers. Different from most heavy square programming devices in the market, MINI PROG features a cylinder-shaped appearance and lightweight. Ergonomically design of MINI PROG ensures that it's more convenient and comfortable to carry and use in work. It is a combination of both innovation, technology, and design.

2. Working Interfaces
xhorse mini prog working interface

You don't need to carry a computer or other devices anymore when working. What you need is only a mobile phone! Download Xhorse application in APP store and find MINI PROG, then start working! We support both IOS and Andriod systems.
The working interfaces are as above. As a common advantage of all Xhorse products, you will be instructed for every step. Each step such as reading or writing can be finished on your phone. What's more, you can directly resort to Xhorse technicians on Xhorse APP if you encounter any problems. We'd be very happy to help!

3. Optional Adapters

xhorse mini prog optional adapters
MINI PROG currently supports optional adapters on VOLVO(KVM), BMW(CAS4), PORSCHE(BCM), LANDROVER(KVM).

MINI PROG Package list:

1pc x DB15 Cable
1pc x EEPROM Adapter
3pc x Pin Headers
Pin Header 1 supports reading DIP8 chip
Pin Header 2 supports reading SOP8 wide-type package chip
Pin Header 3 supports reading SOP8 standard package chip
xhorse mini prog package

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Tech Support

After read and save data by xhorse mini prog pen programmer, you are allowed to upload data to xhorse data server and share data with other xhorse tools. Check detail instruction below:

Step 1: Read Data 

i.e 24C04 

Select EEPROM and FLASH function
Select manufacturer-ATMEL->AT24CXX->AT24C04

Check wiring diagram, mini prog indicates to use adapter 3
Press Read->EEPROM

Follow instruction to use the tool to clear the chip pin and connect the device and the adapter
press Start operation

Read data success.  VVDI Mini Prog will also show success status.

Save data

Step 2: Transfer Data

Go back to miniprog main function menu

Select File management function ->Local file

You can see the data saved by mini prog.

Select data and press icon on the right
Press Upload

Press Upload here
Upload data success

Check My data
The data already exists in “My data” folder

Visit http://i.xhorse.com on windows browser

scan QR code to quick login

The data read in step 1 was successfully uploaded to server.

Download data to your laptop. Now you can use the data to file make key.

Users can also share data to applications, i,e wechat, Whatsapp etc.

Select the data and press Share and send to object you are going to share with

Step 3: Share data with other xhorse tools

You are required to combine your xhorse tools to share data.

For example, to have key tool max control the mini prog, bind devices and share data.

Done !

if any other questions, feel free to contact our email: sales@obd2shop.co.uk

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After-sales service

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Offer Lifetime technique service