2023 Newest Xtool X100 PAD Plus Auto key programmer Supports Key Programming/ Basic Diagnostic Function/ 20+ Special Functions

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Product Description

Xtool X100 PAD Plus Auto Key Programmer supports multi-language switching and is suitable for different countries and regions. It supports key programming functions, basic diagnostic functions, and over 20 special functions.

Xtool X100 PAD Plus Auto key programmer

Xtool X100 PAD Plus Introduction:

The X100PAD PLUS Auto Key Programmer is a compact key programming device powered by XTOOL, based on the Android 5.1 operating system. It supports multi-language switching and is suitable for different countries and regions. Besides key programming functions, this device also supports the basic diagnosis functions as well as 20+ special functions, which help you to work on vehicle maintenance.

X100PAD Plus Tablet
The main unit of the X100PAD PLUS is the tablet. It allows you to operate all the key programming and diagnosis functions, and it can also work as a normal Android tablet.
This tablet comes up with an integrated VCI so when working on vehicles, please connect the tablet directly to the OBD port of the car.
Front View of Tablet
xtool x100 pad plus front view of tablet
Back View of Tablet

back view of xtool x100 pad plus
① Nameplate:
Show the basic information about tablet such as product name and serial number, etc.
② Loudspeaker: It supports external sound playback. 

Host Ports
xtool x100 pad plus host ports
① Micro USB port:
Used for data transfer for tablet & PC communication and also used for charging.
② VGA port: Diagnostic communication port, which can be used for OBD connection.
③ Power button: Long press to turn the device on/off, short press to turn off the screen. 

EEPROM Adapter
To read the EEPROM chip on the immobilizer module & dashboard, X100PAD PLUS also comes up with an EEPROM adapter. In some situations, you need to unweld the chip from the module to read & write this chip.
To read & write the EEPROM chip, please unweld the chip from the module and weld (or lock it) onto the corresponding EEPROM board and plug the board into the adapter. The adapter could be connected to the device via the main cable. Disconnect the OBD connecter on the cable, and the connector side of the cable could be plugged into the adapter. 
eeprom adapter
① Status Light: Shows the status of the EEPROM adapter. Will turn red when it’s connected to any power supply.
② Comm Light: Shows the communication status of the EEPROM adapter. The light will flash when communicating with the tablet.
③ 14-Pin Port: Used to connect the EEPROM board to the adapter.
④  DB15 Port: Used to connect the adapter to the tablet. 

Xtool X100 PAD Plus Features:

1. Brand-new UI
Simple & intuitive UI brings you a brand-new programming experience.

xtool x100 pad plus brand-new ui

2. Wide Coverage
Supporting key programming functions for thousands of models under 70+ brands.

xtool x100 pad plus wide coverage

3. EEPROM Modifying
Read & Write EEPROM and perform various functions like PIN reading & mileage correction.

xtool x100 pad plus eeprom modifying

4. Full system Diagnosis
Read & clear DTCs and dataflow reading for all systems.

xtool x100 pad plus full system diagnosis

5. Various Features
Modify Your vehicle using 20+ special functions like SAS/EPB/DPF...

xtool x100 pad plus various features

Xtool X100 PAD Plus Specifications:

Item Description
OS Android 5.1
Processor Quad-core processor 1.6GHz
Ram 1G
Rom 32G
Display 7-inch capacitive, 1024×600 resolution
Connectivity  USB
 Wi-Fi
Sensor Gravity sensor
Audio Input/ Audio Output Microphone/ Loudspeaker
Ports  Micro USB
 VGA port
Battery 4000mAh 3.7V
Input Voltage 5V DC
Operating Temperature -10~50℃
Relative Humidity < 90%
Dimensions 208*140*15.5mm

X100 PAD Plus Package List:

1 pc x X100 PAD Plus Tablet
1 pc x Power Adapter 12V 1A
1 pc x Micro USB Cable
1 pc x Main Cable
1 pc x US Power Adapter
1 pc x EU Power Adapter
1 pc x Honda-3
1 pc x OBDII-16
1 pc x KIA/HYUDAI-10
1 pc x KIA-20
1 pc x EEPROM adapter
1 pc x Plastic Box

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