How to use AUTEL MD808 PRO and Godiag GT100 test CAS4 ECU

This artical is about one of our customer make an ECU test tutorial: using an OBD2 break-out box GODIAG GT100, a code reader Autel MD808 Pro, and a test platform to connect to a CAS4 ECU box. GODIAG GT100 is a latest auto tool connector for OBD2 protocol communication detection and ECU diagnosis.

Now let’s go to start:

Plug the power wire of GT100, and turn on its power switch.

Connect GT100 to Autel MD808 Pro code reader.

Use the adapter to connect CAS4 ECU box, other end connect to GT100.

Press “12V(30)” button on GT100 to turn on CAS4 ECU power supply.

Look, the CAN light is flashing, it means the protocol communication between devices is normal. Now I can start to read the CAS4 ECU data.

Operation on Autel MD808 Pro:

Press “scan”>> European >> BMW >> Turn off ignition, wait about 10 seconds, then switch on ignition again.

4 Series >> F32/F33 >> Control Units >> Drive >> CAS Car Access System >> ECU Information.

Turn on the switch of test platform to read out the ECU information on Autel MD808 Pro, then turn off.

Now let’s exit to press “Read Codes”, turn on the switch of test platform.

Fault codes have been read out, turn off test platform switch again.

Continue to read live data, exit and press “Live Data”, turn on test platform switch again, live data came out.

As you see, Autel MD808 Pro can read ECU data when I turn on the test platform switch every time. With a GODIAG GT100 connector, I can also diagnose if the protocol communication was normal. They all play an important part in routine work for mechanics.
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