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Product Description

GODIAG GT100 OBDII Breakout Box / ECU connector can convert the car OBD2 interface to 16 pin and can connect the single modules or multiple modules of the vehicle.

GODIAG GT100 AUTO TOOLS OBDII Breakout Box ECU Connector

Godiag GT100 obd2shop-1
Advantages of GODIAG GT100 ECU Connector:

1. GODIAG GT100 is a latest testing platform for OBDII protocol communication detection and ECU maintenance, diagnosis, programming & coding.
2. It can convert the car OBD2 interface into 16 pin for signal detection and electrical level conversion
3. Able to connect the single modules or multiple modules of the vehicle.  
4. Connect with any diagnostic tool to tell whether the car communication is good or not. 
5. Supply power to the car when you change the battery to avoid the vehicle control module data being lost, automatically locked, key remote control fails or the fault light turns on. 
6. Work together with Xhorse VVDI2, Autel devices, Launch, Foxwell etc, BMW CAS4 Test Platform released (buy SK310 alone), also will develop the connection cable for Benz and Chrysler, please wait.

7. One Year Warranty. GODIAG is our brand, we can provide good price and technical support for distributors worldwide. Please contact Whatsapp: +86-13983755934

What is GODIAG GT100:
GODIAG GT100 is a brand new ECU connector and protocol communication testing tool. It will greatly help a user to connect the ECU module separately for diagnosis, programming and coding. Also it will tell whether the diagnostic & programming tool can normally send out communication signal.

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Features of GODIAG GT100 :

1. OBDII Protocol Detector & Communication Detection

Godiag GT100 obd2shop-3

1). Connect GODIAG GT100 to the OBDII diagnostic port of the car. 
2). When the device displays the voltage, turn on the power switch of GODIAG GT100.
3). Then connect to the diagnostic tool, when the tool is communicating with the car, the LED indicator of corresponding protocol will light up or flash. ( If the CAN protocol is detected, it will have the maximum brightness. When the communication is successful, the corresponding CAN-H and CAN-L will dim or twinkling weakly)  
2. ECU connection: single module connection
GODIAG GT100, connected to a single ECU module, is convenient for a user to do the single-module diagnosis and programming.

Godiag GT100 obd2shop-4
1). Connect the ECU with the color jumpers. (If the ECU is CAN protocol, please check whether you will need to connect a 120 ohm resistor.)
2). The Godiag GT100 can be powered by connecting to the OBDII diagnostic interface of car, or by an AC power adapter.
3). To diagnose and program for a single ECU by connecting the diagnostic tool or ECU programmer. 
3. Banana plug extension connection:
Extend the car's OBDII 16pin interface to tell you whether the OBDII interface connection is good or not, which is convenient for the test of OBDII interface voltage waveform.

Godiag GT100 obd2shop-5

4. Convert OBD1 diagnostic interface to the standard OBD2

Use the connector to convert the OBD1 interface into obd2 interface according to the diagnostic interface communication protocol. 

Godiag GT100 obd2shop-6

5. Connect multiple ECU control modules at the same time, which is convenient for the professional engineers to detect and maintain.

Godiag GT100 obd2shop-7

6. When to use the extension cables:

The space of the diagnostic interface location is too narrow to connect to the diagnostic tool, or the user find that the diagnostic cable is not long enough during maintenance. It can be extended by 1.2 meters. 

Godiag GT100 obd2shop-8
7. Able to power the car when replacing the used battery.

Godiag GT100 obd2shop-9

1). Prepare battery A to supply power by connecting to No. 16 / 4 / 5 holes of Godiag GT100 & to the OBD2 diagnostic interface of the car. 
*Turn on the power switch of Godiag GT100.
*Don't turn on the ignition switch, don't start the car.
2). Then replace the brand-new battery B with the used battery in the car, which will ensure that the car has fully power to prevent data loss and audio lock-up or the malfunction due to lack of power to the ECU control module.

8. GT100 will convert the OBD1 port of special truck to the standard OBD2 diagnostic port according to the protocol.

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GODIAG GT100 function and operation guide:

- By connecting the vehicle and diagnostic tool via OBDII, Godiag GT100's LED will indicate whether the OBDII diagnostic interface has a good communication with the car.
- Monitor the voltage of vehicle OBDII interface and display it in real time. If it is less than 11V, please stop the diagnosis and programming to avoid the vehicle being unable to start/data loss/module locked.

GODIAG GT100 display
Indicator Meaning:
1. Manufacturer custom
2. SJE1850 wire
3. Manufacturer custom
4. Power grounding
5. Signal grounding
6. SAEJ2284《CAN》high
7. ISO9141-2&iso, DIS4230-4K wire
8. Manufacturer custom
9. Manufacturer custom
10. SJE1850 wire《bus->
11. Manufacturer custom
12. Manufacturer custom
13. Manufacturer custom
14. SAEJ2284《CAN》low
15. ISO9141-2 & ISO/DIS 4230-4L wire
16. Car battery positive

GT100 Hardware Connection Diagram:
GODIAG GT100 hardware connection

GT100 OBD2 Breakout Box Parameter:
Item Specification
Diagnostic port OBDII
Working voltage DC 9V-24V
Work and power 0.5-0.6W
Adapter power Input AC100v-240v, Output DC12V 1A
Operating temperature range -20 to 70 °C ( -4 to 158 °F )
Storage temperature range -40 to 85 °C ( -40 to 185 °F )
Dimension L: 23cm, W:18cm, H:7cm

Godiag GT100 Package includes:
1pc x Host
1pc xOBD 2-in-1 extension cable
1pc xColored jumper cable
1pc xPower supply 12V
1pc xResistance 120 ohm
6pcs xBanana plug
24pcs xWire accessories, Dupont 2.54mm connector female pins

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Tech Support

Here share a  customer's feedback on how perfectly Autel MaxiIM IM608 works together with Godiag GT100 ECU bench connector. Many thanks for his objective comment and hope it helps more users who are interested in Godiag GT100.

I copy and paste all what he said below:

I want to say thank you for shipping out the Autel machine. I want to let you know we have tested the machine you sent over and is a great addition to our systems. I’ve tested it in 2 ecu’s on bench and it works wonderfully. Thanks again here are some pictures.

Diagrams for these ecu’s are not available to the public. I used accumulated knowledge that has served me well. I am very proud of what you guys have created. This is by far the easiest bench connector I have.

Thanks again.

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