OBD2shop.co.uk Import & Custom TAX Policy

What is customs? 
Customs is a government agency responsible for regulating shipments entering a country or region. All shipments being sent to and from a country or region must clear customs first.
Who will be responsible for my import duty?
Import duty is what your country customs will charge you when your package passes through your country customs. It's always buyer's responsibilities to clear customs and pay the relevant custom duties. So dear customer, your package import duty will be responsible by importer yourself, we are not responsible for the import duty. Because we have no idea about your importing country's tariff policy and can not confirm the customs cost.
Products freight paid is the package freight ship to destination, not including Tax or VAT
For DHL we would declare lower price on the invoice help you clearance.
How much I will be charged for the import duty?
The amount of customs is different from one country to the other country according to your country tariff policy

Shipment & Delivery

NO TAX, Easy Clearance Way:

1) UK Special Line Shipping ( No Tax)
This is only used for customers from UK , for products within 30KG
Usually it would take about 5-7 working days arrival

2) Germany Special Line Shipping ( No Tax)
This is only used for customers from Germany, for Products weight within 30KG
Usually it would take about 6-9 working days arrival

3) UK Local Post way ( No Tax) 
This is the normal post way used for UK and Ireland Customers, package within 2kg
Usually will arrival within 5-7 Working days

4) Normal Post way ( No Tax)
Including Payal Post, Netherlands Post, China Post, USPS Post, Singapore Post, Hongkong Post, shipping within 2kg
Used for most countries,Usually will arrival within 7-15 working days, sometimes will take about 7-28 working days arrival

5) Yanwen Express way ( No Tax)
Used for country not easy clearance , such as Germany, France,Portugal, Spain, Austria , use this way will no tax

Fast Express Way:

1) DHL (2-4 working days arrival ) Used for almost all countries in the world

We would declare lower price on the invoice help you clearance to reduce tax

UK customers :  Declare 27 USD,will have 3-4 GBP for tax
                           Declare 30-66 USD will have 15-20 GBP for tax
                           Declare 70-100 USD will have 20-35 GBP for tax

Italy Customers : Declare 21 USD , No tax

Netherlands customers: Declare 22 USD , No Tax

Poland Customers:  Declare 21 USD, mark " Freight as gift " No Tax

USA Customers:  Declare under 200 USD, No tax

Germany Customers :  Custom very strictly , not recommend ship by DHL, if customers wanna ship by DHL, need confirm can finish clearance by yourself

Customers from other countries such as Irelands Norway usually we would declare 20-22 USD on the invoice help clearance,sometimes declare depend on the package weight help you clearance.

2) EMS  ( 7-15 working days arrival)

Customers from Brazil , Greece, Russia package would ship by EMS there's no tax

3) UPS (2-4 working days)
If customers have request , we can use UPS ship to you

Sincerely yours
OBD2shop.co.uk Customer Service Center