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2 Years Free Update UK/EU Ship Full Package Autel MaxiIM IM608 PRO II Includes IM608II with XP400 PRO J2534 ECU Programmer Plus G-BOX3 APB112 IMKPA Adapter

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4 product: IM608 PRO II full package Full Package Autel MaxiIM IM608 PRO II Includes IM608II with XP400 PRO J2534 ECU Programmer Plus G-BOX3 APB112 IMKPA  Adapter
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Product Description

This product code is a combo kit that includes Autel MaxiIM IM608 Pro II which comes with 2 years of free updates, G-BOX3 Tool, APB112 Smart Key Simulator, and IMKPA Key Programming Adapter Kit.

Autel MaxiIM IM608 II Full Configuration

IM608 Pro II Full Configuration Description:

This product code is a combo kit that includes SZ-SK395-2 Autel MaxiIM IM608 Pro II+ SK280-C G-BOX3 Tool + SK281-B APB112 Smart Key Simulator + SK302 IMKPA Key Programming Adapter Kit.

IM608 II Full Configuration Product Details:

Item 1. SZ-SK395-2 Autel MaxiIM IM608 Pro II

Autel MaxiIM IM608 II Description:
Autel IM608 II is the most advanced key programming tool that combines the powerful IMMO and programming functions with OE-level diagnostics and advanced service functions in one tablet. 

autel maxiim im608 ii
For more information and use of the IM608 PRO II, please refer to
Autel MaxiIM IM608 II Quick Guide
Autel MaxiIM IM608 II User Manual

It is an upgraded version of IM608, IM608 Rro, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. IM608Pro II has improved firmware, Android 10, larger RAM, and ROM, with new JVCI+ VCI.
2. Supports CAN protocol read and write without a password.
3. Add the built-in DoIP and CAN FD protocol (don't need a converter).
4. Support remote expert function.

Product Model / IM608 II IM608 Pro
Accessories VCI JVCI+ JVCI
Programmer XP400Pro XP400Pro
Hardware Configuration CPU Qualcomm SDM660 Octa-core Processor
4x 2.2 GHz(A73)
4x 1.8 GHz(A53)
Samsung Exynos T5260 6-Core Processor:
4x 1.3 GHz(A7)
2x 1.7 GHz(A15)
OS Android 10.0 Android™ 4.4.2, KitKat
Display 10.1 inches 10.1 inches
Resolution 1920*1200 1920*1200
Battery 3.8V 15000 mAh 3.8V 15000 mAh
BT BT V5.0 + BR/EDR BT V2.1 + EDR
DoIP Yes Adapter required
CANFD Yes Adapter required
diagnostic function Basic functions Full Function Full Function
Coding Yes Yes
Programming Mercedes-Benz BMW system Mercedes-Benz BMW system
IMMO Functions Matching device Full Function Full Function
Programmer EEPROM reading and writing, MCU reading and writing EEPROM reading and writing, MCU reading and writing
Key tool Yes Yes
Remote expert / Yes No

Autel IM608 II Package Includes:
1pc x IM608 II Tablet
1pc x XP400 Pro Key Programmer
1pc x JVCI+ ECU Reprogrammer

2pcs x OTOFIX Smart Key Watches
1pc x Carry Case
1pc x Main Cable
1pc x USB Cable (2m)
1pc x Connect Cable
1pc x Mini USB Cable
1pc x AC/DC Adapter (12V)
1pc x AAC001
1pc x APC101 (USB Cable)
1pc x APB129 (EEPROM Adapter)
1pc x APB125 (Mercedes Infrared Collector)
1pc x APB104 (MCU_FQFP64)
1pc x APB105 (MCU_FQFP80)
1pc x APB106 (MCU_FQFP112)
1pc x APB107 (MCU_FQFP144)
1pc x APB108 (MCU_FQFP176)
1pc x APB109
1pc x APA002 (EEPROM Socket)
1pc x APA101 (Signal Cable)
1pc x APA103 (EEPROM Clamp)
1pc x APA107 (ECU Clamp)
1pc x APA108 (MCU Clamp)
1pc x APA109 (MC9S12 Clamp)
1pc x USB to Ethernet Adapter
1pc x Packing list 
1pc x Quick reference guide

autel maxiim im608 ii package list

Item 2. SK280-C Autel G-BOX3

Autel G-BOX3 Programmer Features:
• Faster password calculation for Mercedes-Benz All Key Lost scenario
• 8x faster password calculation for Mercedes-Benz W172, W204 and W207 EIS types
• 4X faster password calculation for Mercedes-Benz W209 and W211 EIS types
• BMW DME/DDE ISN reading for 20 types of ECUs, including EDC17, MEVD17, MSV90, and MSD87
• Volkswagen ECM IMMO data reading and data synchronization for 18 types, including MQB EDC17 and MED17 ECUs
• Bosch engine ECU read and write on Volkswagen, BMW, and PSA group vehicles.
Autel G-BOX3 Adapter Functions:
• Supports on-vehicle and on-bench Fast Mode in an All Keys Lost scenario for Mercedes-Benz vehicles using the DAS3 EIS/EZS.
• Bosch engine ECU read and write on BMW F-chassis and Volkswagen MQB vehicles.
• Engine ECU reading/writing for BOSCH MD1/MG1(VAG, BMW, PSA, OPEL, etc)  

G-BOX3 Tool Package 

Item 3. SK281-B Autel APB112 Smart Key Simulator

Tips: Difference between SK281 and SK281-B
Both Autel APB112 are original, the difference is that SK281 has Quick Reference Guide book and box, but SK281-B only comes with the main unit and USB cable, much cheaper price.

APB112 Smart Key Emulator Description:

• Compatible with IM508, IM608 & IM608 Pro
• Supports 46, 4D Data Collection
• Supports 46 Smart Key Password Calculation
• Supports 46 Chip Emulation
• Supports Toyota4D (94/D4, 98) Smart Key Emulation
• Supports Toyota H (88/A8, A9, 30) Smart Key Emulation

For more information and use of the APB112, please refer to
Autel APB112 Quick Reference Guide

autel apb112

APB112 Smart Key Emulator Package Includes:
1pc x Autel APB112 Smart Key Simulator
1pc x USB Cable
autel apb112 package list
Item 4. SK302 IMKPA Key Programming Adapter Kit

MaxiIM IMKPA Adapter Kit Description:

IMKPA is a Key Programming Adapter Kit, compatible with the XP400Pro Key & Chip Programmer. Includes 12 adapters for the XP400Pro that enable Read/Write/Erase for Mercedes Benz ESL_W209 / W906 Data, Mercedes Benz NEC Key Learning, BMW EWS3 Key Learning and. Volkswagen/AUDI/BMW/Benz Key Unlock. Compatible with the IM608 and IM508 with XP400Pro.

MaxiIM IMKPA Adapter Kit Package includes:

1pc x APB113
1pc x APB114
1pc x APB115
1pc x APB118
1pc x APB119
1pc x APB120
1pc x APB121
1pc x APB122
1pc x APB123
1pc x APB126
1pc x APB127
1pc x APB128
1pc x Storage Case
autel maxiim imkpa adapter kit


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Tech Support

Use Autel IM608 Pro II Program 2022 Honda Civic All Keys Lost

Losing all keys for a modern push-to-start vehicle like the 2022 Honda Civic can be a frustrating situation. However, with the help of advanced programming tools like the Autel IM608 Pro II and the IKEY Universal Key, it is possible to generate and program a new key. In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of using the Autel IM608 Pro2 to program a new key for the 2022 Honda Civic.

Step 1: Key Generation
  1. Navigated to: Universal key > Accept > Universal Key Generation > North America > Honda > Civic > 2022 > Honda Civic 2021–2023 > Generate Universal Key.
  2. Successfully generated the universal key.

Step 2: Key Programming

Initiating Programming:
  • Accessed: IMMO > Accept > Honda > Civic > Smart Key > Push to Start > OK > Control Unit > Keyless System (Honda).
  • Confirmed the ignition was off and proceeded to press and hold the Start button until the ignition turned on, then released the button.
  • Selected “All Keys Lost” on the Autel IM608 II tablet.
Preparation for Registration:
  • Ensured no diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) were present.
  • Confirmed all keyless remotes intended for registration were within the vehicle, with one keyless remote inside.
  • Minimized potential interference by turning off electronic devices and maintaining distance between the diagnostic tool and the keyless remote.
Programming the Key:
  • Turned the ignition off, placed the new key inside the vehicle, and removed any others beyond a 5m radius.
  • Turned the ignition on by pressing the Start button without applying the brake.
  • Input the total number of keyless access remotes being registered.
Finalizing Registration:
  • Followed instructions to turn the ignition off and on, ensuring neither the keyless access nor the immobilizer indicator lights remained lit.
  • Completed the registration process, turning the ignition off and then back on to test the new key’s functionality.


The final steps involved verifying that the newly programmed key could not only start the engine but also lock and unlock the doors successfully. This comprehensive approach ensured the 2022 Honda Civic was equipped with a fully functional smart key, demonstrating the efficiency and reliability of the Autel IM608 Pro2 and the IKEY Universal Key in overcoming the challenge of all keys being lost.

Obd2shop.co.uk Team