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Product Description

This CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 key programmer is shipping from Shenzhen, China, cheaper than it ships from the UK, CGDI BMW supports CAS4/CAS4+ All Key Lost and BMW Key Programmer with OBD Functions.

CGDI Prog MSV80 BMW Car Key Programmer ship from Shenzhen

CGDI MSV80 BMW already activated before shipping, more convenient for customers!
Now buy CGDI BMW, Get Free Reading 8 Foot Chip Free Clip Adapter!

CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 Advantage:

1. High technical tool which mainly supports Auto diagnose, programming and security maintenance 3 in 1.
2. Support Key Programming for BMW CAS1/CAS2/CAS3, Support Key Matching and All key lost for CAS4 /CAS 4+, BMW OBD Key Match, CAS4 Key Match, BMW ISN, Bootstrapper upgrades, FEM/BDC Key Match, CAS3 Key Match, BMW F Series Program, BMW Enable/Disable Key, BMW F Series Coding, EGS ISN, CAS Mileage Reset, Porsche 987/911 key learning, 95128/95256 Read and Write, BMW E Series Program, BMW E Series Coding, Maserati Meter Mileage Adjustment

3. Software response fast, short time programming, and a new breakthrough in operational safety and technical support.
4. Supported Languages: German, French, Spanish, English, Chinese
5. Certification: CCC, CE, GS, CCC, CE, GS, ISO
6. Free Update Online on the official website, when you receive the device, please download software on the official website too.

CGDI BMW Support Module list:

1. BMW CAS1/CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+/ key increase preparation, key loss configuration; CAS computer replacement, CAS3+/P4X and above direct OBD downgrade 5 minutes 100% safe;
2. BMW CAS4/CAS4+/ support key preparation, support key all lost preparation;
3. Support BMW BMW key detection can detect the key status;
4. Support BMW BMW engine computer DME replacement;
5. Support BMW BMW MSV80/MSD80/MSD85/ series OBD read ISN code (with a key without disassembling the computer!);
6. Support BMW key unlocking.
Model Has key to match key Without the key to match Read ISN code Replace engine computer DME BMW Key unlock Working time
CAS1 support support     support 1 minute
CAS2 support support support   support 1 minute
CAS3 support support support   support 1 minute
CAS3+ support support support   support 1 minute
CAS4 support support support     30 seconds
CAS+ support support support     30 seconds
MSV80     support support   5 minutes
MSD80     support support   5 minutes
MSD85     support support   5 minutes

How to update CGDI Prog BMW:

CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 Software Update Guide:
Step 1. Receive message " There is a new version", click on "OK"
Step 2. Click on "Setting", then "Check for updates", waiting until the next dialog box appears.
Step 3. Checking local file.
Step 4. Detects a new file, click "Yes" to update.
Step 5. Downloading file.

CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 Firmware Update Guide:
Step 1. Connect the CGDI Pro device to the computer, open CGDI software.
Step 2. Click on "Setting" and then "Upgrade the firmware", waiting.
Step 3. Updating...
Step 4. CGDI programmer firmware update successfully, again click on "Upgrade the firmware".
Step 5. Get message reading " The version is already up to date without upgrading". Click on "OK".
Free update software:
001: CAS
002: CAS4 CAS4+
003: Engine EME

CGDI Prog BMW Update info:

CG-DI V2.8.0 (2019.07.20)
1. Added Spanish version
2. BMW EGS Change: increase EGS_6HP
3. Fix E series programming E89, R56 car English version display problem; Increase the detection of foot space on programming CAS
4. Optimize the BMW diagnostics, E system code interface

CGDI BMW new update (2019.06.11)
1. Add BMW E-series refresh hidden function
2. Add BMW Diagnostics and support BMW E series, F series, G series DTC reading and clearing

CG-DI V2.6.0 (2019.03.05)
1. Added: EWS1-3 key matching function.
2. The E-code is modified to modify the VO code function, and the VO code can be added or deleted directly by the selection method, and the operation is simpler.
3. The BMW data modification adds support for both N13 and N55 engine data.

CG-DI V2.5.0 (2019.01.10)
1. Added BMW E series programming, support single module programming of E60, E65, E70, E89, R56 and other chassis models (multimedia module requires fiber-optic communication, temporarily not supported).
2. Added BMW E series code, support E60, E65, E70, E89, R56, and other chassis models single module code, backup code and recovery code.
3. FEM/BDC key matching: Add 0000155E.018_120_010, 00002419.081_010_020 two versions of FEM/BDC with the key.
4. F/G system programming: increase the support of swfk, flup, blup programming files, and fix some programming failures.
5. CAS1-CAS3+ key matching: increase the Rolls-Royce CAS1, CAS2 key matching.
6. BMW data modification: Add CAS3+, CAS4+ ISN encryption and decryption functions.
7. Maserati Mileage Adjustment: Added the function of saving EEPROM data.
8. BMW F-series codding: Fix List-display incomplete.

CG-DI V2.4.0 (2018.12.13)
1. New: BMW data modification function: support CAS3/3+ data modification VIN, ISN, support CAS4/4+ data VIN, ISN modification, support N20 data VIN, ISN modification.
2. BMW F/G series programming: support automatic code setting after programming; repair some problems of instrument programming failure; repair some EPS programming failure problems; repair ECU list display error.
3. CAS mileage reset: fix the problem of partial version programming failure.
4. Firmware upgrade: Improve USB communication performance.

CGDI Key Programmer Functions:
1. Update in real time, products updated in zero cycle time, support model added in real time.
2. BMW CAS3/CAS3+Data repair--support change replace and split CAS computer, BMW MSV80, MSV80.0, MSD80, MSD80.0, MSD85 engine change computer, ISN code reading, and writing.
3. Equipment security greatly enhanced, the hardware anti-crack,anti-software copy.

CGDI Prog Read MSV80 Specification:
Method 1: can read directly ISN code in the car, pls be assure car voltage is 12V above, directly connect OBD to operate--time about 5 minus.
Method 2: can directly split engine computer (DME) to operate--connecting as follows:

CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 Read MSV80 Specification
CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 Read MSV80 Specification 1
MSV80/D80/D85/wiring in the experimental bench

CGDI Prog BMW Package list:

1pc x CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 Main unit
1pc x Adapter
1pc x USB line

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